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StormAudio Introduces ISP Elite Mk3 Surround Preamp/Processor

Also debuts new 4.3 firmware that allows different ways to use the second HDMI port available in some ISP models.

StormAudio has announced the unveiling of its latest ISP Elite MK3 at ISE 2022. This new model features a new color display and modern design. Fully compatible with DCI and Dolby ecosystems, as well as multiple DSP and amplifier platforms, it is able to decode and upmix the most sought-after immersive surround formats such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, Auro-3D, and IMAX Enhanced.

StormAudio ISP Elite MK3 - Front

“With the component shortages we have been experiencing, being able to release this update to our flagship processor is a huge success, and I’d like to thank our team and our key suppliers for the great job they are doing to navigate through this difficult period,” says Olivier Thumerel, CEO of StormAudio. “We are very happy to be back at ISE and High-End Show Munich and to see our customers and partners face to face again!”

4.3 Firmware

With the firmware 4.3r0 upgrade, the multi-room capability of the StormAudio platform will be decoupled with the addition of the HDMI Matrix function. This new feature will allow different ways to use the second HDMI port available in any ISP equipped with the HDMI 7+2 eARC board co-developed with Cypress Technologies. Two new multi-room modes — Zone2 AV and Pass Through — will be selectable, offering the possibility of linking a second HDMI output to a defined Audio Video Zone and the ability to connect the second HDMI output to another processor or TV set. The support of the Auto Lipsync feature will allow the system to automatically adjust the Audio Video delay to ensure perfect lipsync at all times.

StormAudio ISP Elite MK3 - Rear

See the new ISP Elite MK3 at StormAudio’s Booth 2P500 during Integrated Systems Europe 2022 in Barcelona (10-13 May, 2022) and experience the ISP Elite 32 Digital AoIP MK2 at Devialet’s Booth 2P530.

StormAudio will also be present at Munich High End Show (19-22 May, 2022, booth A 4.2, E222), with their recently released 16-channel processor, the ISP Core 16.

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