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StormAudio Releases Firmware 4.0

Includes Dirac Live Bass Control add-on support and Roon compatibility.

StormAudio Firmware 4.0 Configurator

StormAudio has announced that the company’s new Firmware 4.0 is now available for download. It comes pre-installed in every StormAudio Immersive Sound Processor MK2 device; existing MK1 users can download and update their device to run this firmware version at no additional cost.

Firmware 4.0 features the latest Dirac Live Bass Control module, a bass management tool for enhanced cinema experiences. Other key new features include a redesigned Speaker Configurator for more flexible configuration possibilities and integration of the Roon music management system to bring music as well as cinema enjoyment to the home. The firmware can be downloaded from the company’s brand new website,

Any ISP that runs Firmware 4.0 can now support Dolby Atmos layouts of up to 13.1.10 and additional screen center, rear surround, front and rear height channels for greater immersivity. For other setups where installation of Dolby Enabled speakers are used, these can now also be configured and managed with this new firmware version.

Auro Technologies has made improvements to its Auro-3D codec, which is available in StormAudio’s Firmware 4.0. The new codec will analyze the speaker layout installed and will now make use of the rear channels in the layout when playing back native Auro-3D 9.1/11.1 content. Also updated is the Auro-Matic upmixing algorithm, with more refined dialog management on a 2 channel stream for improved handling of legacy sources.

In addition to these immersive audio updates, DTS:X Pro capability will be added in the next upgrade of the Firmware 4.0, coming soon in the upcoming months.

Other key features include a re-designed GUI for StormAudio’s Speaker Configurator. The features have been further improved in Firmware 4.0 to allow more detailed and precise definition for each speaker layer. With more sophisticated speaker management capabilities, including multi-way speaker management, up to four ways in all layers and per speaker and subwoofer replication management, the Speaker Configurator gives the freedom to make the best possible settings for any theater installation.

Another completely fresh addition to StormAudio’s capabilities is the Roon end-point integration with ISP devices. It makes navigation and listening experience more enhanced and streamlined; all you have to do is select between cinema or Roon playback just by choosing the audio input.

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