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SVS Debuts SoundPath Speaker Level Subwoofer Adapter

Converts speaker-level outputs to RCA line-level outputs for safe, pristine signal transfer to a powered subwoofer.

SVS has added the SVS SoundPath Speaker Level Subwoofer Adapter to its growing line of AV accessory solutions.

SVS SoundPath Speaker Level Subwoofer Adapter on a desktop

Many integrated amplifiers and legacy stereo receivers lack line-level outputs, leaving audio enthusiasts without the ability to connect a powered subwoofer to their system. The SVS SoundPath Speaker Level Subwoofer Adapter steps down the voltage from a speaker-level connection to RCA line-level voltage, allowing for a safe connection with no loss of fidelity and no power draw from the amplifier. Users then adjust the low-pass filter and other settings on the subwoofer to blend output for optimal performance.

SVS took an uncompromising approach to design with the SVS SoundPath Speaker Level Subwoofer Adapter. Stereo 24K gold-plated 5-way speaker-level binding posts allow bare-wire, spade, or banana connectors for maximum versatility. SVS SoundPath Bi-wire Speaker Cable can be used for an easy and elegant connection to both the loudspeaker amplifier and the adapter.

SVS SoundPath Speaker Level Subwoofer Adapter - Front

24K gold-plated stereo RCA line-level output jacks ensure a secure connection to the line-level inputs of the powered subwoofer and work flawlessly with SVS SoundPath RCA Subwoofer Cables. Internal components include premium-grade narrow-tolerance resistors and wide-trace PCBs for high-current and extreme power handling. These design elements yield wide bandwidth and ultra-low distortion for pristine signal transfer, pinpoint accuracy, and compatibility with high-end audio systems.

SVS SoundPath Speaker Level Subwoofer Adapter - Back

“The SVS SoundPath Speaker Level Subwoofer Adapter is a true problem solver for audio fans, and like with all SVS accessories, it does it in the most high-fidelity way possible,” says Gary Yacoubian, president, SVS. “Vintage audio gear is experiencing a comeback and we’ve seen a big uptick in demand for people wanting to connect SVS subwoofers to legacy components. We went through an incredibly rigorous design process to ensure performance will exceed the expectations of discerning audiophiles and HiFi enthusiasts.”

The adapter features a minimalist look that belies its high-end internals and allows it to be placed discretely without drawing attention. It passes a full range signal from 10 Hz–80 kHz (+/-0.01 dB) and measures only 1.5 inches (37 mm) H x 3.9 inches (99 mm) W x 4.1 inches (103 m) D.

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