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August Home Adds DoorSense Skill to Amazon Alexa

August Home has added the intelligence of its proprietary DoorSense technology to the August Smart Lock Skill for Alexa.

August Home Inc. has announced that the intelligence of its proprietary DoorSense technology has been added to the August Smart Lock skill for Amazon Alexa.

In September, August began shipping two new smart locks, the August Smart Lock, third generation and the August Smart Lock Pro. The new Smart Locks introduced DoorSense, the first intelligent, integrated sensor that tells users if the door is open or closed.

The idea behind the skill is that people often leave their homes believing their door is securely closed and locked when in reality it is ajar and the deadbolt hasn’t engaged properly. With DoorSense, users have peace of mind knowing their door is both closed and locked.

Now when a user asks Alexa if their door is locked, the response will also confirm if the door is open or closed for safe, secure control of the front door.

“With the two new locks we began shipping in September, we introduced DoorSense, which lets users know definitively that their door is securely closed and locked,” said Jason Johnson, CEO for August Home. “Now, as consumers use their voice with Alexa to control their front door, we are also making this important insight part of the Alexa skill.”

August Smart Lock and August Smart Lock Pro customers with DoorSense can lock, unlock and check if the door is locked by saying, “Alexa, ask August, lock my door” or “Alexa, ask August if my door is locked.” Now in addition to confirming the door is locked, Alexa will let lock owners with a DoorSense-calibrated door know if the door is open or closed. The unlock skill requires users to set a 4-12 digit security PIN code during the account linking process.

Using the August Smart Lock or August Smart Lock Pro with Alexa requires an August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge or an August Doorbell Cam to connect the Bluetooth lock to Wi-Fi. August products are available through major retailers including Amazon, Best Buy and For more information about August products and services, visit