Auro Launches its Own 3D Audio Hardware

GalaxisAudio and StormAudio Brands Will Provide Immersive Sound Processors Supporting Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D
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Auro Technologies’ Home Entertainment and Luxury Audio Product Division (HELAP) will be exhibiting at this year’s ISE from February 9-12, 2016 in Amsterdam. That, however, is not the story. The story is that the division inside the company known for its Dolby Atmos-like “3D audio” technology, is introducing its first hardware product lines, GalaxisAudio and StormAudio, as well as 24/7 worldwide technical support to distributors and custom installers.

The Auro Technologies division will support the development of the hardware product plans, with dedicated product management, R&D, design, and manufacturing capacity as well as devoted sales, marketing, and technical support teams. The strategy is to be format agnostic (meaning that the company will also offer Dolby Atmos capability) and provide the complete offering of immersive audio solutions to the market, benefiting from the extensive experience of “Auro Technologies in Immersive Audio.” 

The hardware products will be branded as either GalaxisAudio or StormAudio. The GalaxisAudio product line provides high-end audio solutions for the residential market, with a specific focus on “luxury design.” These audio solutions for media and living rooms, as well as for dedicated home cinemas, are aimed to meet the highest standard in the industry, and will be available mainly through luxury audio shops and selected resellers and distributors. The product line includes MENSA, AURIGA, and CRUX multichannel processors, as well as the newly added power amplifier range TAURUS. 

The StormAudio product range for home theater and multi-room distribution will focus on audio quality, easy integration, and high reliability. Consisting of sound processors, both integrated and non-integrated, together with power amplifiers, the product range is designed for high profile system integrators and custom installers, specialized in residential markets such as home, hotels, jets, and yachts.

Both brands will offer all current and future immersive sound formats, with added features, supplying high-quality sustainable audio solutions.

GalaxisAudio and StormAudio product lines will be available through a worldwide and specialized distributor network, with a clear focus on customer services and support. Twenty-four/seven worldwide technical support will be offered to distributors and premium dealers through region-based support desks, in Europe (France and Belgium), Asia (Hong Kong) and the U.S. (California).