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Crestron Collaborates with Delos

The Crestron 3-Series Control System integrates with the Delos DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence platform.

Crestron and Delos have announced an integration between the Crestron 3-Series Control System and the Delos DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence Network aimed at delivering a healthier home through new advanced features on the platform. As of today, Crestron is offering DARWIN to integrators and dealers in North America. A demo of the newly integrated platform can be viewed here.

In response to demand for well-living and design during the Covid-19 pandemic, Crestron and Delos collaborated to provide a seamless experience that transforms the home space through intelligent scenes designed to help support immune health and reduce the transmission of airborne illnesses. The Crestron 3-Series Control System integrates with DARWIN to control lighting, shades, HVAC, and audio within the DARWIN platform. Advanced features like control of tunable lighting, circadian cycles, and Delos Dawn Simulation work with the Crestron 3-Series Control System to improve the home experience. Users can now access DARWIN via a Crestron TSW touch screen or their mobile device.

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According to the company, DARWIN is designed to enhance health outcomes in the home and mitigate harmful indoor environmental concerns utilizing Delos’ proprietary wellness algorithms and sensor technologies to create spaces that help reduce stress, improve sleep quality, increase performance and enhance overall well-being. DARWIN intuitively responds to the conditions in the home, purifying air and water, and providing dynamic lighting that helps regulate the body’s natural circadian rhythms.

The sensor technology and intelligence of the DARWIN system, combined with the flexibility of a Crestron 3-Series Control System, enables dynamic control of the home environment to help maximize health, comfort, and well-being. By embedding the Delos DARWIN Android application directly into Crestron TSW touch screens, occupants can visualize the air quality in their home from room to room and provide precise control over the Delos experiences that trigger automatically throughout the course of the day.

DARWIN also provides critical information like air quality to Crestron to display on a TSW touch screen or mobile device. When DARWIN detects the air quality event, it communicates it to the Crestron Thermostat through visual and sound alerts to trigger fan speed remediation. This helps expedite air quality events in the home by moving air through the system.

To learn more about the Crestron and Delos integration, register for the Design + Connection: Wellness Solutions for the New Normal Featuring Delos session at CEDIA Expo, which took place Wednesday, but repeats on Thursday, September 17, at 11:30 AM ET.

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