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Domotron Launches AI-Powered Smart Home Solution

Seeks funding for new hub that uses AI to learn user preferences and creates personalized automations.

Domotron has introduced a user-friendly smart home hub that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn users’ preferences and create personalized automations for existing smart home devices. The Indiegogo campaign, which is managed by The LaunchPad Agency, has launched with a funding goal of $25,000 USD, features a limited Super Early Bird Special of $299 USD, as well as several other rewards for backers.

According to the company, Domotron easily connects to all of the users’ smart home devices and the AI technology learns the user’s habits and recommends customized automations, schedules, and routines to improve the user’s smart home experience. Just plug it in, connect the app, answer a few questions, and the AI will start creating your automations right away.

Featuring an AI Personal Assistant within the app, Domotron communicates with the user via a familiar chat interface that translates technical settings into easy-to-understand questions and adjusts the tempo of the suggestions to the rate at which the user implements the automations. The app even features a timeline that displays the events that have happened and planned automations giving users total control over the system.

Domotron, equipped with ZigBee 3.0, is compatible with most well-known smart home devices on the market including Philips Hue, Ikea Home Smart, Somfy Tahoma, Sonos, Aqara, SmartThings, Netatmo, and iRobot.  The AI-powered hub utilizes touch-enabled wireless switches with sensors that measure humidity, ambient light, air quality, temperature, and presence. And users can control their smart home devices via the app or by interacting with the switches.

In addition, Domotron utilizes location-specific data about weather (including cloud cover) to adjust blinds and lights; astronomical data (sunrise, sunset, phase of the moon) to automatically adjust turning the lights on/off as the sunset changes throughout the year; and geofencing to allow users to set customizations that can turn on home lights and raise the garage door when they come within a preset distance.

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