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× Announces Plans for CEDIA Expo 2019

Company to focus on privacy, new partner integrations, and new features. has introduced new features designed to protect end-client user data and enhance user security. New partner integrations, including Ketra, Comcast, and Samsung, continue to extend’s vision of a natural and elegant control experience in the home.


With its emphasis on local processing, has always been a company focused on a secure user experience. The company does not gather data for marketing purposes, and will never sell data to third-parties for advertising; all the data that gathers is used to make the user experience better. That said, users have the option to disable all data gathering and/or delete specific logs if they choose. has also announced new features around permissioning, allowing clients and integrators to specify more granular user roles throughout the Josh environment.

New Josh Features – iOS TV Remote, Concise Mode
Josh takes one more big step forward into AV control with the announcement of a TV remote built directly into the iPhone and iPad apps. Clients will now be able to control their TV via the Josh UI thanks to a new update with the Josh app. New TV features in the app, including channel control and source selection, offer the client a natural and intuitive touch experience for control.

Josh has also announced a new feature called concise mode. When activated, Josh will respond with shorter (one-word) confirmations when controlling certain devices in the home. For example, if you’re in the living room and ask for the lights to go on, instead of the response, “Your living room lights are now on,” Josh will simply reply “Ok.”

New AV Integrations & Features – Comcast, Samsung
In addition to existing integrations such as Sony, Dish, and LG, Josh has partnered with Comcast and Samsung on new native control. The Comcast integration offers control of live TV using both voice and the Josh app. Clients can ask for channels by name or number. Josh clients with Comcast can now say, “OK Josh, stop the music, close the shades halfway, dim the lights, and watch ESPN.” Functionality also includes the ability to navigate the Comcast guide and menu, play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, and select television content. Josh also now integrates with Samsung IP TVs, offering the ability to toggle power, control volume, and change sources.

New Lighting Integration – Ketra is also announcing native integration with Lutron’s Ketra lighting system. In addition to on/off commands and adjusting brightness, clients will be able to adjust the color temperature and the hue of the lights via voice commands or the Josh app.

Enhanced Integrations & Features – Crestron SIMPL Thermostats, Sonos Favorites has also released enhanced functionality with established partners. While Josh was already controlling Pyng/OS 3 thermostats, a new module now allows integrators to program Crestron thermostats into Josh via SIMPL as well. Additionally, Josh now auto-discovers and controls favorites from Sonos.

Josh at CEDIA 2019

  1. Visit at booth #4319
  2. Josh Manufacturer Training | – Integrating Voice Control for Luxury Projects | Wednesday, September 11th | 3-4:30pm | Room 4C | 0.75 CEU Credits
  3. CEDIA Training | Integrating Custom Voice Control for the Whole Home | Wednesday, September 11th | 10:30–12pm | Room 110 | 1.5 CEU Credits
  4. Panel Discussion | Smart Home for Good: Technology Benefits at Every Stage of Life | Thursday, September 12th | 1-2pm | Room 712
  5. CEDIA Tech Talk | Designing with Tech | Saturday, September 14th | 11:30-12pm | Smart Stage

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