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New MTX Universal Driver for Control4 Simplifies Resimercial Integration

New driver, used with Yamaha’s MTX 3 and 5-D Series of audio processors, allows for audio matrix and zone volume control while providing the ability to mix in microphones into a zone.

The new MTX Universal Driver, exclusively offered by Blackwire, allows integrators of any level to use Control4 systems and Yamaha MTX DSPs together in their commercial projects. The two-way driver allows for audio matrix and zone volume control while providing the ability to mix in microphones into a zone. Blackwire has been distributing the Yamaha Commercial Installed Solutions (CIS) product line for the past year, with dealers reporting great success installing these solutions in the field. This MTX driver completes the integration between Yamaha and Control4 and allows end-users to easily control a complex system with minimal effort.

“Whether you are installing in sports bars or meeting rooms, microphones play an important part of any commercial installation,” says Kevin Luther, owner of Blackwire Designs. “Until now, there really weren’t any great solutions on the market that allowed Control4 dealers to deploy a matrix DSP that included a mic in the mix. The MTX Universal driver allows for nearly any configuration on the MTX and is flexible enough to provide basic control over the mix inputs. This is a game-changer for commercial audio installs.”

The driver also features more than 20 custom input buttons that allow the integrator to include easy-to-use controls on a Control4 interface that won’t overwhelm the end-user. For example, a microphone can be muted or unmuted in a zone by pressing the appropriate icon on the interface. Since the driver is a two-way driver, native MTX keypads and interfaces can also be used alongside the Control4 system and everything stays in sync.

“It’s extremely important to keep it simple in commercial installs,” says Luther. “You don’t want a bartender unable to turn on the system on a Friday night or a hotel employee confused about how to properly configure a conference room when the pressure is on. These are problems that lead to service calls and unhappy customers, and that’s why we’ve kept things so simple and straight forward.”

Blackwire became a national distributor of Yamaha’s CIS line of products last November. Dealers have begun to use the product in their light commercial installs over the past year and praise the integration with Control4 that Blackwire offers. Blackwire’s new MTX Universal Driver is a modular-based driver that will allow for updates, new features, and even new interfaces to be rolled out at a later date without disrupting the currently installed program. With this new launch, Blackwire has become a one-stop shop for residential dealers who want to break into the rising resimercial market.

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