AVAD Adds Insteon Home Control Tech to Lineup

The Insteon Hub is the ‘Brains’ that Connects Mobile Devices to the Home
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AVAD has added Insteon wireless home control networking technology to its lineup of products. Insteon allows users to control lights, alarms, thermostats, sensors, garage doors, fans, and other connected devices from anywhere using a smart phone, tablet, or Apple Watch. 

The Insteon Hub is the "brains" that connects mobile devices to the home, allowing the user to set thermostats, monitor cameras, or check sensors. The Insteon Hub allows the creation of schedules for easy automation, scene-building to control multiple devices simultaneously and gives instant alerts via email or push notifications if something is amiss. 

The system also works with the Nest Learning Thermostat to provide side-by-side control options. The Insteon system has no monthly fees to view, control, and monitor a home with modules that are easily expandable through a range of Insteon products. There is no limit to the size of an Insteon network, and according to the company, installations with more than 400 devices are common.

“We’re excited to team with AVAD to provide the custom installation market with the most reliable, complete, and easily customized home and commercial IoT automation solution available,” said Joe Dada, CEO of Insteon. “With more than 200 Insteon products at the ready, the depth and breadth of our product offerings combined with AVAD’s industry-leading distribution will provide custom installers with tremendous new options, along with the ability to meet a wide variety of customer requests and demands.”

Added Hugh Hughes, director of vendor management and purchasing at AVAD, "The affordability, flexibility and reliability of the Insteon home automation products give our dealers another powerful option for their customers seeking an easy-to-install and user-friendly home control system. 

"The Insteon Starter Kit, which consists of the Hub and two plug-in dimmers, is a very simple and inexpensive way for dealers to introduce the Insteon technology and products to their homeowners who are new to home automation or want to get a feel for the product before investing in a whole-house system. Insteon works as a standalone product and integrates with other products and services from companies like Apple, Nest, and Logitech. Insteon’s extensive product assortment allows dealers to offer simple to complex solutions that are all easy to operate.”

Insteon uses a patented dual-mesh technology that allows the Insteon signals to travel farther without interruption than other technologies. The dual-band technology ensures that powerline and wireless obstructions rarely impede signals, resulting in 100X more reliability than single-band networks, according to the company.