Axiom Audios EP500 and EP600 Subwoofers

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Axiom Audios digitally controlled Epicenter EP500 and EP600 subwoofers can be used in combination with the company's M80ti or M60ti tower speakers to extend sound reproduction across the entire range of musical (and non-musical) frequencies.

Both subwoofers use a digital "algorithm" and a Digital Signal Processor chip that controls every frequency from 19 Hz to 100 Hz (EP500) and 17 Hz to 100 Hz (EP600), never deviating more than 1.5 dB from their respective ranges.

The EP500 and EP600 utilize a 12-inch driver with a three-inch diameter dual voice-coil and an Axiom custom-engineered amplifier that produces up to 500 watts of output power in the case of the EP500, and 600 watts for the EP600.

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