B&O and Origin Co-Design Outdoor Line Array Speakers

The Terrestrial Line Array is Made Up of a Base Unit and Two Modules That Can Be Expanded Vertically to as Many as Six Modules
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Origin Acoustics’ latest collaborative effort with Bang & Olufsen is the Terrestrial Line Array — a modular speaker system that was created for outdoor applications as part of a landscape audio system. 

Made up of a base unit that includes two modules, and can be expanded vertically to as many as six modules, the system can be assembled to meet the precise needs of the installation. The modules are constructed from aluminum and are almost cube shaped with the backside being only slightly smaller than the front. Each cube houses a single 5-inch, full range driver with a VariBlade Lens placed directly in front of the cone to increase high-frequency dispersion. A 70v transformer is also housed in the base unit. 

The array can be mounted on a spike driven into the ground, attached to a flat surface with the optional wall-mount or hung from above (under eaves or soffits) with the optional ceiling mount.

Origin engineers have been looking for an opportunity to integrate line array technology into their offering for quite some time, but in an interior installation the benefits are minimal. One of the most impressive advantages of a line array design is its ability to mitigate the SPL fall-off over distance. In simple terms this means the speakers can be placed further from the listening area and still provide the required sound levels. Inside a home this is unnecessary. However, outdoors this effect is very desirable. Imagine speakers placed in the far corners of the backyard that project across the landscape and still provide quality sound on the deck or pool area. Of course, with every B&O product there is a tremendous focus on aesthetics. This system is a work of art that just happens to do an amazing job of sound reproduction. 

“The line array effect itself is actually quite surprising if you’ve never experienced it before,” said Nick Berry, Origin’s senior VP. “The sound seems to emanate from nowhere as the speakers are so much further away than you would expect. Both its projection and coverage give the dealer another powerful tool to utilize in their outdoor system designs.”

The Terrestrial line array will be shipping in Q1 of 2018. Pricing TBA.