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Brodmann Acoustics Debuts New JB Series Model

Brodmann Acoustics, manufacturer of handcrafted statement loudspeakers, is debuting a new model in its JB Series: the JB175.

Brodmann Acoustics, manufacturer of handcrafted statement loudspeakers, is debuting a new model in its JB Series: the JB175. The JB Series, the result of Brodmann’s 220 years of producing pianos, and acoustic designer Hans Deutsch’s 40 years of innovation, has as its hallmark the interplay of natural, organic reproduction of music and craftsmanship. The JB175 will make its official consumer debut at a private event on Thursday, October 27, at Definitive Electronics, in Jupiter Park, FL.

“It is virtually impossible to describe the JB Series speakers and do them justice,” said Brad Paulsen, Brodmann’s national sales manager. “These speakers really have to be experienced—acoustically and visually. For this reason, our strategy is focused on dealer events that will provide an intimate audition of the speaker and an introduction to the brand. We have partnered with Definitive Electronics for the JB175 event, as they are one of the top firms in our industry, and are unique in their commitment, and their ability to provide cutting-edge integration along with true high-performance audio, for their clients’ real enjoyment of the music experience.”

All Brodmann Acoustics loudspeakers employ the company’s patented Acoustic Active Principle, which uses soundboard technology delivering an organic, linear bass response that is unique in the loudspeaker industry, and eliminates the needs for the typical “Band-Aid” used in virtually all other box loudspeaker designs. It makes possible the elimination of internal crossover manipulation and internal damping materials, both of which create problems and distortions in the attempts to tame internal bass resonances.

Brodmann Acoustics loudspeakers produce truly linear bass below 130Hz without generating, inside the cabinet, the standard distortions created by peak bass resonances in ported and acoustic-suspension designs; the majority of the actual amplitude is created outside the box, using the air gap between the cabinet and the soundboards. No enclosure peaks are produced, and the air acts as the transducer.

Brodmann loudspeakers contain no internal damping. With none of the typical internal bass-resonant peaks to correct, the need for internal damping is eliminated, therefore allowing the upper-harmonic information to be fully reproduced, without the usual muffling of the lower midrange and upper bass that occurs as a byproduct of needing to damp cabinet distortions in the low bass.

Brodmann designs and manufactures all of its own drivers. All Brodmann loudspeakers feature piano-grade finishes from top to bottom. All loudspeaker models enjoy the same luxury-quality finishes as are found on Brodmann grand pianos—from eight-layer, hand-polished black lacquers to hand-selected, handcrafted veneers.

Brodmann Acoustics provides virtually any color, any veneer, and any custom finish the client requests. This includes specific visual designs, artwork, family crests, etc., up to and including a recent system for a client in which artwork was inscribed on the speakers, inlaid with 24-karat gold, then sealed with a clear piano finish to preserve the gold inlay.

JB Series JB175 MSRP:
$50,900 – Black

$59,700 – Handcrafted Veneers