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Cabasses Karissima Loudspeakers

Cabasse has introduced a new Artis loudspeaker to the North American market. The Karissima, part of the brand’s reference Artis Series, can be used as either a full-range speaker or as an ideal center channel to complement the Cabasse flagship La Sphere. Priced at $24,400 each, Karissima is available to order from StJohn Group and comes in wild cherry, santos, or wenge finishes.

Karissima builds on its predecessor, the Kara model. This newly designed four-way system utilizes Cabasse’s TriCentric technology for pinpoint imaging, smooth off-axis dispersion, and seamless frequencyresponse. This innovative concept is similar to the design employed by the company’s La Sphere.

At the heart of design is the company’s new TC23 three-way Spatially Coherent System (SCS) driver specially designed for Karissima. This third-generation drive unit incorporates an all-new tweeter that features an exclusive patent-pending polyether diaphragm with extraordinarily light and rigid properties. HF response is linear up to 25kHz. Each tweeter is painstakingly hand-crafted and then performance-tested by computer to ensure optimum performance, power handling and consistency.

The same polyether membrane is also utilized for the midrange section of the TC23 because of its excellent rigidity/weight ratio. Fitted with a Duocell diaphragm made of Rohacell foam, the new driver has been redesigned for higher power handling and quick response providing exceptional dynamic range.

Moreover, Karissima utilizes a specially engineered spherical enclosure that, according to the company, is far superior to conventional designs. Among the significant advantages of a spherical enclosure are rigidity, elimination of standing waves and perfect symmetry in every direction with no diffraction effects. The result is an enclosure that is audibly, measurably and demonstrably superior.

In addition, one of the primary performance features of Karissima’s spherical enclosure is its perfect 60 degree arc of dispersion with no dips in frequency or phase response. Cabasse speakers with this enclosure are among the few in the world that can claim this unique benefit. For further flexibility, the spherical enclosure of the TC23 has an adjustable bracket that can control its vertical orientation. This feature is particularly useful in small listening areas or when the listeners are located off-axis from the speaker.

Rounding out the bottom end of the Karissima and complementing the TC23 is a new 12-inch woofer based on the company’s 22-inch design found in its reference Saturn subwoofer. The 12-inch 30ND40, specially designed for Karissima, features the same Nomex honeycomb dome technology providing a of high efficiency, linearity and low frequency extension to 35 Hz. Mounted on the top of the speaker’s elegant cabinet, it forms a near perfect, point-source system.

Weighing in at impressive 154 pounds each and boasting incredible power handling of 1260 watts, Karissima’s dimensions are equally substantial at 55.1″H x 27.6″W x 27.6″D. Karissima is available in a traditional wild cherry or warm Santos with black pearl sphere for the TC23 as well as a dark wenge finish with light pearl sphere for the TC23. All versions are offered with an MSRP of $24,400 and available to order.

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