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Cabasse’s PHI Loudspeakers

Cabasse is offering its PHI loudspeaker line to the North American market. PHI, part of the OCEO range, is designed to complement flat-panel displays and is available in a floorstanding version and a compact version for bookshelf or on-wall use, either vertical or horizontal.

Retail price for the floorstander is $1,860 per pair. Retail price for the bookshelf/on-wall is $730 each. Both are available immediately from StJohn Group, exclusive North American distributor for Cabasse.

In common with the Greek letter PHI, the speakers combine the simplicity of the line and circle in a tall and narrow cabinet that is finished in a high gloss piano black lacquer, or white lacquer.

The loudspeakers are designed to blend into any modern residential or commercial application. The floorstanding PHI weighs 22 pounds and measures a sleek 43.7 inches tall on a 9.5 inch diameter base. The bookshelf/on-wall is 10 pounds and measures 17.3 x 6.3 x 4.4 inches.

These two new form factors can be combined in a myriad ways — from a simple stereo set-up to 7.1 system architecture — and are the perfect match, both aesthetically and performance-wise with the company’s Santorin 21 subwoofer. The floorstanding version positions the coaxial driver at the ideal height for listening and the satellite, which utilizes the same drive units, is supplied complete with the necessary accessories for on-wall or shelf mounting, either vertically or horizontally.

Each new model incorporates Cabasse’s proprietary Spatially Coherent System (SCS) technology. This single source emission (or point source) is the benefit of the coaxial drivers and wide-range tweeters designed by the Cabasse R&D team. Fidelity to original timbres and dynamic range, a wide, stable and full soundstage, are the benefits of SCS technology.

The new, proprietary co-axial midrange/tweeter 100mm driver is housed behind the hemispherical grille, the shape of which symbolizes the spatial coherency, three dimensional soundstage, and large sweet spot that make the PHI perfect for home theater use or equally at home in 2.1 stereo systems.

A three-way crossover filter is employed to optimize the performance of the coaxial drive unit in the 2.5-way design. The coaxial driver reproduces treble and midrange signals, with the low frequencies (below 680Hz) shared between the coaxial unit’s P2C (loaded polymer) bass driver and the separate 100mm driver. The PHI handles 100W continuous power and peaks of 700W. The frequency range is 140-22,000 Hz, nominal impedance is eight ohms, and sensitivity is 93 dB.

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