Cambridge Introduces 12G-SDI Connectors, Cable Assemblies

New Connectors, Assemblies Enable 12G-SDI Transmission Rates Over Belden 4794R 4K Cable
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Cambridge Electronic Industries has introduced a series of 12G-SDI BNC connectors under the CoaxVision brand, which maximize the speed and performance of Belden’s 4794R 4K co-axial cable for applications in digital cinema and Ultra High Definition TV. 

These new connectors are engineered to enable the data rates needed for high resolution, uncompressed digital video signals and high frame rates, and support SMPTE 2082-1, 12G-SDI 4K, D-Cinema, UHDTV1, and UHDTV2 HD standards.

12G-SDI carries four times the payload of 3G in one single channel, so 4794R 4K cable saves considerable weight and space compared to existing RG-6 solutions—it is 30 to 50 percent lighter than dual link RG-6 and 70 to 80 percent lighter than quad link RG-6 solutions.

“Our connectors are built to match the data throughput and reliability of Belden 4794R cable, and together with the cables they provide a single channel that will achieve the very high frame rates required for Ultra High Definition and 4K video productions, over greater distances,” said Stephen Smith, managing director of cambridge electronic industries.

Cambridge Electronic Industries has also developed 12G-SDI connectors and assemblies for Belden 4855R and Belden 4694R HDTV video cables, as well as Igus CF Koax1 flexible cables.

The company is an established supplier to the broadcast sector globally, and its connector division, Cambridge Connectors, supplies the world’s major manufacturers of professional broadcast equipment. This means that in a typical broadcast production, more often than not Cambridge Connectors are present in the broadcast production chain. 

Cambridge Electronic Industries is accredited to ISO9001 2015 and can generally supply connectors from stock. There is an express service on cable assemblies, which can be customized as required.