Capitol Now Offering Apollo Enclosures

Apollo Enclosures Offer Practical Alternative to Higher Priced Outdoor Displays
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Capitol now offers Apollo Enclosures products, a collection of affordable outdoor LCD TV enclosures that provide superior protection against rain, insects, dust, and extreme temperatures. Apollo Enclosures feature a powder-coated aluminum cabinet, anti-reflective glass, and weatherproof mounting choices, creating a versatile solution for installations that call for an economical alternative to higher priced weather resistant outdoor displays.

“Though typical LCD displays are designed exclusively for indoor use, our customers know that many consumers move their TV’s outdoors, sometimes for extended periods,” said Curt Hayes, Capitol’s president and CFO. “Apollo removes the risk by giving these end-users a solution that protects their investment while providing our dealers with an additional, proven tool for building their bottom line.”

Apollo Enclosures recently introduced a new larger size enclosure, AE6560 that fits 60”-65” slim LED TVs or displays. Typical for the brand, the AE6560 65” enclosure is distinguished by a slimmer case at only 4.7”D. It offers the interior space for the slimmer TVs in the market today, with space to store cables, baluns, extenders, and digital components, all safe from the elements year round.

“Apollo is, to my mind, one of the best examples of how creativity and practicality can produce a product that makes perfect sense,” added Hayes. “Not only will our customers grow their business from sales of the enclosures, but it will also allow them to add LCD TV displays and outdoor audio to more installations than ever before.”