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CasaTunes Adds Leviton Audio Entertainment System Support

The Leviton Hi-Fi 2 Audio System enables users to enjoy music in multiple rooms with hard-wired reliability and clarity that's skip-free and not subject to distortion.

CasaTunes has added the Leviton Hi-Fi 2 distributed audio system to its list of multi-room audio music streamer support. 

The Leviton Hi-Fi 2 Audio System enables users to enjoy music in multiple rooms with hard-wired reliability and clarity that’s skip-free and not subject to distortion. Leviton’s comprehensive range of solutions, including switches and receptacles, daylight harvesting controls, networking systems, and equipment for charging electric vehicles help customers achieve savings in energy, time, and cost, all while enhancing safety.

“At CasaTunes, our goal is to offer support for the solutions our customers are using and the reason why we refer to our [company] as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of whole-house audio,” said Steve Guerra, VP of business development at CasaTunes. “Adding Leviton to the mix ensures that CasaTunes continues to support most popular third-party systems to offer the most comprehensive and flexible multi-room audio solution on the market today.”

The Leviton Hi-Fi 2 is a distributed audio system that comes in a four-zone, four-source distributed audio system or a standard eight-zone, eight-source system that can be expanded to 16 zones. Hi-Fi 2 may be a stand-alone installation with a free app or may be integrated with a Leviton Omni system for enhanced features, including audio automation based on schedule or activity. 

The new integration between Casa Tunes and Hi-Fi 2 allows for basic audio transport commands including pause, play, next track, and previous track from Leviton interfaces including OmniTouch 7 Touchscreens, Snap-Link Mobile apps, and in-wall volume source controls. Additionally, metadata can be displayed on these Leviton devices via the CasaTunes music server.

“We want our customers to have an enhanced lifestyle experience through the technologies we offer and integrating, with CasaTunes extends our audio system abilities,” said Scott Dudoussat, director of technical services at Leviton Security & Automation. “The Leviton brand is known for reliable, trustworthy, and sustainable technology, and we are constantly building on our tradition of innovation and excellence via strategic partnerships and new product development.”

With CasaTunes, homeowners can listen to a music collection stored on the music server hard disc, as well as listen to various popular internet radio and music services, including hi-fi quality music services. Listening to music is as simple as choosing the room and then browsing or searching songs by album, artist, genre, or playlist. Schedules can even be created for falling asleep or waking up to a favorite playlist.

CasaTunes and Leviton will host a joint webinar on August 18 at 2:00 p.m. CST. Users can reserve a spot online