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Class Audios New Delta Series

The five new Delta amps encompass stereo, multichannel and monaural models.

Montral, Qubec, CANADA–Five new power amplifiers from high-end audio maker Class Audio anchor the new Delta family.

The five new Delta amps encompass stereo, multichannel and monaural models. And each model is designed to match other components in thhe new Delta family, which combines elegant, integrated industrial design with a new touchscreen-based user interface.

The Class Delta series amplifier range is comprised of the 100-watt stereo CA-2100 and 200-watt stereo CA-2200, two multichannel designs, the 3×200-watt CA-3200 and 5×200 CA-5200, and a single monaural model, CA-M400 of 400 watts. The five amps share substantially similar building blocks, differing primarily in channel-count and power-level.

They also share important design and performance characteristics, beginning with the stable power supplies and current capability. Thus, while the above power-ratings all refer to use with 8 ohm loads, each of the Delta amplifiers delivers considerably more power into lower impedance loudspeakers.

All five new Class models also furnish both balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA) inputs for all channels. And the five amplifiers all incorporate power/standby switching controllable via DC-trigger, IR-signaling, or RS-232 control, ensuring complete integration regardless of configuration.

The new Delta-family amplifiers also feature circuit topologies and components derived from Classs Omega-series amplifiers. Elements such as fully balanced circuit design, low-noise power-supplies, and matched output devices ensure the detail expected of Class amplifiers.

The Delta-line amplifiers offer Classs new industrial design developed by Morten Warrens Native Design group. This features a dramatically radiused, sculpted-metal fascia and common chassis-width.

The Class Delta series amplifiers are available in North America at the following manufacturers suggested prices:

CA-21002×100 watts$3,500
CA-22002×200 watts$5,000
CA-32003×200 watts$6,000
CA-52005×200 watts$8,000
CA-M4001x400 watts$5,000