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Coherent Source Service to Maintain Legacy Thiel Loudspeakers

Former Director of Manufacturing at Thiel to Service All Legacy Models for Customers Worldwide

Coherent Source Service (, has opened its doors with a mission to provide service for all Thiel loudspeakers manufactured by the company between 1977 and 2012. Founder Rob Gillum, who has been an employee of Thiel for more than 30 years, Coherent Source Service (CSS) is stocked with nearly every relevant part for legacy Thiel speakers.

Gillum was originally hired by Tom Thiel in 1988 and worked in several positions at the Lexington, KY-based factory. In addition to working under Jim Thiel for many years, Gillum was cross-trained on every aspect of service and manufacturing including driver build, crossover build and cabinet finishing. He had served as director of manufacturing prior to the company’s acquisition in 2012.

Coherent Source Service will provide Thiel warranty and non-warranty service for customers worldwide. Full speaker and cabinet restoration services are available as well, with prices quoted based on condition. Additionally, Thiel CS2.4 performance upgrade kits are available as well, including boutique capacitors for the passive networks along with outriggers and stabilizer pins from the 2.4SE series.

“Thiel loudspeakers are a big part of my life—I am passionate about the brand and the care that went in to the design and manufacturing of these fine speakers,” Gillum stated. “I look forward to working with all of the THIEL customers out there who love music and helped make the brand such a success.”

For service of Thiel Loudspeakers, please contact: [email protected] / 859.554.9790