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Coleman Cable’s Signa-Wave Coaxial Cables

Waukegan, IL — Coleman Cable Inc. introduces the Signa-Wave brand of high performance, American made low-loss 50 Ohm RF (radio frequency) coaxial cables.

The Signa-Wave family of low-loss coaxial cables offer superior performance and loss characteristics over higher frequency bandwidths than the “traditional” Military type 50 Ohm coaxial cables: RG58, RG213, RG223, RG214, & RG217. These cables are predominantly used in Land Mobile Radio Communications, but have also evolved for use in: Wi-Fi Networks, Broadband, Satellite Antennas, Mobile Phone, Terrestrial Microwave, Military, Air Traffic Control, Medical, & RFID antennas, with new applications & challenges for low-loss 50 Ohm cables arising all the time.

Signa-Wave low-loss coaxial cables are manufactured in the USA at Coleman Cable’s Hayesville, North Carolina plant. This facility has been a leading coaxial cable manufacturing plant for well over 36 years and is an ISO certified, MIL-I-45208 compliant Qualified Products List [QPL] facility with the Defense Logistics Agency; the Defense Supply Center Columbus, OHIO. DSCC is the primary US Government Depot, servicing the electronic needs to all branches of our armed forces.

According to Tony Gabriel, director of engineering at Coleman Cable, “the Signa-Wave coaxial cables are manufactured in accordance and meet these military standards for superior electrical performance.”