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Colorado vNet’s Vibe Video Server System

Loveland, CO — Colorado vNet has launched the Vibe Video System as the newest addition to its home automation and distributed entertainment systems.

The Vibe Video System is designed to safely stores a homeowner’s movies, music and photo collections on a server for instant access from any TV in the home, via a simple, intuitive interface. Sold exclusively through Colorado vNet custom integrators, the system offers two models of Server/Player (VS1-100S and VS1-200S), a networked Player (VP1-1S), and three models of Network Servers (VN1-150, VN1-300, and VN1-600) to accommodate a variety of distributed installations and ever-expanding video libraries.

Both the Server/Player and Player will play Blu-ray Disc media and support high-definition televisions or AV receivers with HDMI and component video (720p, 1080i, 1080p), and all major surround sound formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio. Advanced up-scaling technology delivers incredible DVD playback with up to 1080p resolution. A pre-paid lifetime subscription to the Macrovision All Media Guide (AMG) recognition service provides accurate and beautiful DVD/CD metadata and cover art. The system is set to ship mid-December.

System Details
The VS1-100S and VS1-200S Vibe Server/Players archive approximately 100 and 200 DVDs respectively with 1 or 2TB capacity in a RAID 1 configuration, and play up to three unique streams simultaneously. The storage capacity of a Server/Player can be extended by adding one or more Network Servers that vary in size to accommodate expanding video libraries. The VN1-150, VN1-300, and VN1-600 Vibe Network Servers archive up to 600 DVDs for networked playback of up to ten unique simultaneous streams.

The Network Servers offer 1, 2 or 4TB of storage with ultra-efficient RAID 5 redundancy, 24/7 monitoring, and status notifications via e-mail. A Vibe Video Player, the VP1-1S, can be added to a system at any time for networked playback of archived Server/Player or Network Server media from any TV. Both Server/Players and Players play Blu-ray Disc media from the integrated disc tray. A home network is required for networking functionality and an Internet connection is required to obtain DVD/CD metadata and cover art.

Installation is easy for both new and existing homes. Simply plug in the appropriate audio/video cables and power. Networked system components link together via home network routers and standard CAT5e cables, making them fast and simple to install as well. An extensive IR and serial command library provides integration with external control equipment.