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3 New Global Copper Cabling Systems from Leviton

The Millennium Copper Systems enables multinational customers to achieve guaranteed network performance and consistency across multi-site projects.

Leviton has announced the availability of three new copper cabling systems for customers around the globe. The Millennium Copper Systems broaden Leviton’s ability to service multinational businesses with guaranteed performance, consistent worldwide product offerings, and support. Most importantly, global customers can standardize network design and deployments with products that meet multinational specifications, are stocked in Leviton warehouses around the world and are measured with consistent, specifiable performance parameters per category.

Leviton Millenium Copper Cable System

The new Millennium Copper Systems are made up of cable, jack modules, consolidation points, patch panels, and patch cords:

  • ATLAS-X1 SST: The premier global Cat 6A UTP structured cabling system features high performing ATLAS-X1 jack modules and SST cable, ideal for mission-critical applications such as public safety, automotive, healthcare, data center, defense, and finance where reliable high performance are required, and downtime is not an option.
  • EXTREME SST: The enhanced global Cat 6A UTP structured cabling system features EXTREME jack modules and SST cable, ideal for enterprise, government, or smart building applications where time-tested connectivity and cabling provide performance reassurance for network managers with an eye on emerging technologies and capabilities.
  • EXTREME 6: A global Cat 6 structured cabling system that features our EXTREME jack modules, Cat 6 cable, and is ideal for commercial or enterprise applications that require a reliable, compact, high-density design and reduced outside diameter cable.

All Millennium Copper Systems include a wide array of options in modular or 110-style patch panels as well as Leviton’s global patch cord platform featuring a compact plug-and-boot for reliable high-performance connections.

Millennium Systems also offers environmentally conscious solutions, including bulk pack options, sustainably smart packaging, and other environmentally optimized product designs.

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