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Access Networks Adds Entry-Level Wi-Fi 6 Access Point

Rounding out its Wi-Fi 6 Certified access point lineup, the A350 gives integrators and end-users a solid starting point for enterprise-grade performance networking.

Access Networks continues to broaden its line of Wi-Fi 6 certified wireless access points with the addition of an AP designed for smaller environments and modest networking requirements. The A350 Wi-Fi access point joins Access Networks’ A550, A650, and A750. With the new A350 Wi-Fi 6 access point, integrators can transition customers to Wi-Fi 6 gradually, integrating more robust access points if and when necessary.

Access Networks A350 Wi-Fi 6 WAP

The A350 provides integrators and end-users an entry-point into Wi-Fi connectivity, supporting the range, speed, and coverage associated with Wi-Fi 6 technology. Like the other Wi-Fi 6 access points in the line, the A350 features Access Networks’ Beamflex adaptive antenna technology to reduce interference and boost reception. Additionally, it is backed by four years of ongoing Access Networks service and support.

For larger environments and more complex applications, integrators can upgrade to the Access Networks A550 or A650. The A750 is the most robust Wi-Fi 6 access point in the portfolio, meeting the demands of large homes with heavy Internet traffic. These models, including the new A350, bridge the performance gap from gigabit Wi-Fi to multi-gigabit Wi-Fi and enable the network to function at full capacity even when multiple Wi-Fi devices are connected simultaneously. They also extend the battery life of mobile devices, include built-in functionality to avoid interference from other nearby Wi-Fi networks, and feature the latest Wi-Fi security standard, WPA3, for enhanced security of devices on the network.

Integrators interested in learning more about Access Networks’ entire line of Wi-Fi 6 certified wireless access points and other home networking products can visit its online store at or contact its Client Services team at [email protected].

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