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Emerson Introduces 240W and 480W DIN Rail Mounted Uninterrupted Power Supplies

SolaHD SDU DC-B UPS control module has useful service life of 15 years.

Emerson has announced a new 24 Vdc DIN-rail mounted Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) control module that achieves a useful service life of 15 years and a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) in excess of 1.5 million hours. Available in 240W and 480W models, the SolaHD SDU DC-B control module helps improve availability of mission-critical devices, while simplifying commissioning, reducing maintenance, and driving down the Total Cost of Ownership across multiple industries, according to Emerson.

Emerson SolaHD UPS

Leveraging microprocessor-based controls, the SolaHD SDU DC-B bridges power to machinery in the event of a brief disruption, as well as allows for safe shutdown of devices during a mains failure, therefore preventing data loss, work interruptions, or equipment damage. With an input voltage range of 22.1 Vdc to 28.6 Vdc, the SolaHD SDU DC-B also provides a consistent flow of clean power by filtering noise and isolating damaging transients.

As part of its reliable design, the SolaHD SDU DC-B features an exceptionally wide operating temperature of -15 degrees C to +50 degrees C (5 degrees F to 122 degrees F), along with intelligent battery and UPS health diagnostics. Self-test evaluation of operating states prevents device downtime by helping users proactively plan replacement of the battery module months in advance. Two LED diagnostics are integrated into the SolaHD SDU DC-B for visual indication of battery and DC UPS output status.

Most battery backup solutions have too large a footprint for installation in a control cabinet or to be integrated into an enclosure or machine. With its space-saving dimensions, the SolaHD SDU DC-B is approximately half the size and weight of the original SolaHD SDU DC and competitors’ models. As a result, the SolaHD SDU DC-B fits into standard control cabinets, eliminating the need to purchase a separate control box for a UPS. Being lightweight, the SolaHD SDU DC-B will not stress the weight capacity of a cabinet’s DIN Rail.

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