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NexusLink Introduces the Wireless Gaming Bridge

Provides a personal point-to-point wireless connection for uninterrupted gaming.

When it comes to gaming, almost is never good enough. That’s why the NexusLink WB-1750-KIT is made for gamers currently using wireless. Unlike traditional wireless, which spreads a weakening wireless signal as it covers distance throughout the home, the WB-1750-KIT delivers a concentrated private point-to-point connection directly to the gaming device.

The WB-1750-KIT has a wealth of features developed exclusively for gaming, including smart channel switching schemes, gaming centric QoS, MU-MIMO, and more. These gaming-specific abilities protect gaming performance and optimize network performance by ensuring low latency, expansive range, steadfast error tolerance, and agile adaptability to changing environments, according to the company.

Features include:

Optimized for Online Gaming and Streaming —Minimizes lag time, interference, and dropped frames using a high-performance Quantenna chipset with 802.11ac Wave 2 technology. It’s equipped with High-Speed AC1750 Wi-Fi, as well as advanced technologies like MU-MIMO, smart channel switching schemes, gaming-centric QoS, and more.

No Interruptions from Household Traffic — Enjoy a private connection on your own dedicated 5 GHz band. Having your own personal connection effectively eliminates lag and dropped frames caused by local bandwidth-intensive activities such as online video streaming and video conferencing.

Ethernet Stability with the Ease of Wireless — Delivers Ethernet Stability over a Private Point-to-Point LAN for a connection that penetrates walls and other building materials.

Extend Wi-Fi to Hard-To-Reach Locations — Utilizes 400 mW High Power AC-1750 and MU-MIMO technology to deliver wireless connectivity to hard-to-reach locations.

Price is $149.99

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