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Platinum Tools and TechLogix to Showcase Cabling Solutions at CEDIA Expo

Platinum Tools will feature its High-Performance Hybrid J-Hook Line and TechLogix will feature its ECO Series fiber cable and connectors.

NSI Industries brands’ Platinum Tools and TechLogix Network will feature long distance and enterprise cabling solutions during CEDIA Expo 2022, booth #5035. Platinum Tools will feature its high-performance hybrid J-Hook line and TechLogix will feature its ECO Series fiber cable and connectors.

“Fiber optic cable isn’t all the same and anyone who’s tried to terminate a discount cable has likely experienced brittle glass and ripped outer jackets,” says Cameron Smith, NSI VP. “The TechLogix ECO Series delivers better products with a superior installation. All ECO Series cables are built in the United States with Corning ClearCurve and SMF-28 bend-insensitive optical glass. This means tighter bend radiuses, stronger pull ratings, and ultimately more durable optical strands that survive rough handling and termination in the field. Corning is one of the largest optical glass manufacturers in the world and every ECO Series cable leverages Corning’s 170 years’ of experience.”

TechLogix ECOConnectors

ECO Series fiber optic strands are made entirely with bend-insensitive glass, providing durability and compatibility with fusion spliced and other low-loss connector systems. ECO Series cables are 100 percent compatible with standard tools and connector systems, regardless of manufacturer.

ECO Series connectors leverage a push-button system and vertical pressure, ensuring optical strands are never compressed during installation and operation. This provides better longevity great overall performance. Plus, ECO Series connectors don’t require any proprietary tools or epoxy, are reusable through five termination cycles, and are compatible with all standard fiber optic cables.

Platinum Tools’ high performance hybrid J-Hook line come available in four colors, four sizes, and in standard and batwing configurations.

Platinum Tools HPH Colored J-Hooks

“Our HPH J-Hooks have been designed to support today’s modern high performance network cable installations, such as data centers, commercial structures, manufacturing facilities, and residential applications,” says Sean Rothermel, Platinum Tools product manager. “Our high-performance HPH J-Hooks are built with steel J-Hooks over-molded with Plenum-rated polypropylene for an easy cable slide. The ‘Snap-Lock’ retainer is easy-to-use and reuse, firmly securing cables every time and eliminating the use of cable and velcro ties.”

Available in red, blue, and black variations (in addition to the original white), the High-Performance Hybrid J-Hooks feature a smooth, radiused 2-inch wide base with no pressure points, and are UL listed, Plenum-rated, and RoHS and TIA compliant. The colors allow easy identification of cable runs for different purposes, such as separating security, fire, and data systems. With an industry leading bend radius of more than 3.5 inches, Platinum Tools’ HPH J-Hooks meet and exceed TIA’s bend radius standards. This prevents deformation to the cables such as indentations, pinches, or creases, making it easy for these J-Hooks to support high-performance cables, such as Cat6A or Cat7, and fiber optics, while maintaining the high standards necessary to prevent cable interference.

“Our high performance HPH J-Hooks come in four different sizes, the HPH16 (1-inch), HPH32 (2-inch), HPH48 (3-inch), and the HPH64 (4-inch) for all your cable management uses,” Rothermel continues. “The largest size, HPH64, has a cable capacity of up to 330 Cat5e cables. All four sizes can be flush mounted for easy installation, and come pre-assembled to the most common fasteners, with options for special-order custom attachments. The Snap-Lock, when open, even expands the HPH J-hook’s cable capacity.”

Special-order attachments include:

  • Steel Beam Clamp (360-degree swivel or fixed)
  • Right Angle Powder Actuated
  • Spring Steel Beam Clamp (360-degree swivel or fixed)
  • Vertical Overhang for “C” Purlin
  • Angled Overhang for “Z” Purlin
  • Hammer-On Beam Clamp (360-degree swivel or fixed)

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