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PoEWit Releases R-Series Enterprise-Class Routers

All models include free PoEWit support and come preconfigured to facilitate plug-and-play deployments.

PoEWit Technologies has announced the release of its R-Series Routers. PoEWit has partnered with Fortinet, a global leader of cybersecurity solutions and services, on its R-Series Preconfigured Enterprise Routers. Built with Fortinet’s patented SoC processor, PoEWit’s R-4, R-4-DW, and R-10 deliver networking and security performance. All models include free PoEWit support and come preconfigured by PoEWit to facilitate plug-and-play deployments.

PoEWit R-Series Routers

The simplicity of PoEWit’s preconfigured enterprise solution enables custom AV installers to complete quick, quality installations while avoiding the complexities of an enterprise-level configuration. Out of the box, all R-Series Routers come with ready-to-use advanced security guest networks. These networks can be extended to the wireless network via the PoEWit app when a PoEWit wireless access point is installed. Additionally, when paired with a PoEWit network switch, all R-Series Routers support 802.1Q VLAN-tagging and can handle over 250 devices and beyond straight out of the box, with no additional configuration.

All models feature multiple VPN tunnels, a dedicated DMZ port, and a fanless design. They also ship with a custom rack mount bracket for a clean face with cables in the back. PoEWit’s R-Series supports 1 Gigabit Broadband without any lost speed. In fact, the R-10 supports up to 10 Gigabit Broadband.

With a subscription to Unified Threat Management (UTM), PoEWit’s R-Series Routers offer complete parental controls and network security that can block access to unauthorized websites and stop virus infections before they reach computers and other devices on the network.

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