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Tech Showcase: Power Products

A sampling of gear designed to keep systems running at peak performance no matter where they draw their energy from.

As the nation’s electrical grids and alternative home energy methods continue to make headlines in consumer media, clients have a better understanding of the ways that power management tools can make their stellar AV system even better. Here we look at some of the more recent introductions in this product category.

Power Showcase – Panamax C3-IP Power Conditioner

Panamax C3-IP Power Conditioner

The Panamax C3-IP is a 12-amp, BlueBOLT-enabled compact power conditioner and power sequencer that provides individual control for three separate outlets. With remote power management via the BlueBOLT cloud platform, installers can monitor, control, and program from anywhere. Fifty percent smaller than its predecessor, the Panamax C3-IP has a slim design that fits the needs of virtually any discreet installation. It is designed for installations such as behind a flat screen, in a structured wiring enclosure, or mounted to the back of a rack. Automatic over/under voltage protection through Panamax technology ensures fewer service calls and maximum longevity of connected equipment.

When integrated with ELAN Control Systems, the Panamax C3-IP provides personalized, feature-rich control through intuitive functionality and customization. Integration with ELAN Control Systems provides users with seamless control from a smartphone or the ELAN Intelligent Touch Panel.

Programmable from anywhere in the world via BlueBOLT IP Power Management, the Panamax C3-IP features an intuitive UI backed by a new IP infrastructure for maximum reliability. With the addition of sequencing and IP monitor and control, end users can reboot their network devices. Installers can schedule power cycling of three individually controlled outlets. The system automatically reboots network equipment when connectivity is lost and provides the ability to monitor energy use, set alerts, and program scheduled commands.

Power Showcase – URC and GUDE integration

URC and GUDE Integration

URC and GUDE, a German manufacturer of high-quality power and monitoring solutions, have introduced a next-generation integration. The reliable Power Distribution Units (PDU) from GUDE enable switching and controlling of AV technology and IT equipment in smart homes, conference rooms, and digital signage installations. The switched and metered IP power solutions allow for power-cycling media controllers and servers, reducing power consumption of standby appliances and monitoring AV installations.

Integrating across GUDE’s PDU product line, URC products can now automate environments with greater power efficiency and security. In practice, the end user can use URC’s Total Control to switch on, switch off, or reboot devices such as media players, streaming boxes, or routers.

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Power Showcase – Savant and Sunova partnership

Savant Systems Partners With Sunnova Energy

Savant Systems and Sunnova Energy International, a leading U.S. Energy as a Service (EaaS) provider, have agreed to add Savant’s intelligent load management and control solution to Sunnova’s Energy as a Service offerings for customers across the U.S., beginning Q1 of 2023.

A Savant/Sunnova smart power solution seamlessly monitors and controls energy from the grid as well as home solar systems and generator power, creating an optimized ecosystem for any home. Through this agreement with Savant, Sunnova’s growing portfolio of energy service solutions allows customers to integrate the use of solar, battery storage, energy control, and management technologies, making clean energy more accessible, reliable, and affordable.

A Savant Power System is engineered to scale, delivering the benefits of smart power for any application. Systems can be designed to provide revenue-grade monitoring and control, making every conventional electrical panel smart at an affordable price for any home. At the heart of this scalability is Savant’s smart energy software and innovative power modules, with 20-, 30-, and 60-AMP models designed to fit industry-leading, standard electrical panels. Savant offers both Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, ensuring that homeowners retain control even when the grid goes down and Wi-Fi becomes unavailable.

Power Showcase – Metra AV Big Dog Power Distribution Unit

MetraAV Big Dog Power Smart Power Distribution Unit

MetraAV’s Big Dog Power Smart Power Distribution Unit (PDU) delivers surge protection, remote control, smart home integration, rack temperature management, and more. Twelve individually controllable outlets have power metering, self-healing, and automatic reboot capabilities for smarter and easier remote management of connected devices. Devices can be turned on and off without requiring an internet connection, allowing for scheduled reboots and an easy network equipment power reset that can solve the most common technical issues. For integration professionals, this means reduction of time-intensive support calls and truck rolls. This PDU is part of MetraAV’s lineup of HDMI solutions designed for premium home theaters.

The PR-R13PI Smart Outlet PDU includes a surge mileage meter that shows when surges have occurred and the percentage of remaining protection. When a surge happens, two removable surge protection modules can be replaced without sacrificing the entire PDU, making this solution cost-effective. Temperature control can also be automated with four magnetic temperature sensors that can be used to program turning on a fan or turning off devices when the temperature gets too high. The 13th service outlet powers a temporary device without having to reach behind the PDU. This unit is also designed to work without internet connection and still have automatic self-healing functions.

Big Dog Power’s app is designed to work how integrators work, with programming that can be set up by outlet or device to mimic the workflow of their choice. Once set up, integrators can monitor all their clients within the Big Dog Power app, which is free to download. Clients can only see their locations within their app and its user-friendly design makes management easy. The PDU will also work with other popular automation platforms to allow the user to continue managing their devices through the same control system app.

Power Showcase – TrippLite by eaton Gamer UPS

Tripp Lite by Eaton Pure Sine Wave Gaming UPS

The Tripp Lite by Eaton Pure Sine Wave Gaming uninterruptible power supply (UPS) delivers clean, reliable power in AC and battery backup modes and is designed to prevent game crashes and audio/video problems. The line-interactive UPS provides 600 to 1500 VA of pure sine wave power that is compatible with active PFC power supplies, high-performance gaming components, and other sensitive devices. Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) corrects abnormal voltage conditions to prevent instability. Surge protection shields connected equipment from damaging power spikes.

Battery backup ensures uninterrupted play and streaming during short outages. With the addition of an external battery pack (sold separately), the 1500 VA model provides up to 50 minutes or more of battery runtime.

The Pure Sine Wave Gaming UPS monitors the connected PC’s true power draw in real-time and displays voltage, wattage, and battery level data on the detachable wireless LCD control panel. Four strips (two banks) of programmable RGB color LEDs coordinate with gaming setups and can respond to the PC’s power draw with user-definable colors and lighting modes. The LEDs are controlled via the detachable LCD or a free downloadable software utility.

To conserve power, energy-saving outlets turn off if the PC or other device connected to the master outlet shuts down or enters standby.

Power Showcase – RoseWater Energy 3- Hubs

RoseWater Energy Group 3-Phase Input Energy Management Hubs

RoseWater Energy Group has announced that three new 208-volt, 3-phase input energy management hubs, 3P30, 3P45, and 3P75, are now available to integrators for use in larger luxury residential projects with extensive sophisticated electronics investments that include (yet not limited to) networks, control systems, lighting, shades, and AV systems. The new 3-phase Hubs are a complete solution to clean energy, power conditioning,surge protection, solar integration, battery storage, and backup with remote monitoring and redundant industrial-grade systems.RoseWater Energy 3-Phase Energy Management Hubs

The RoseWater Energy 3-Phase models feature hot swappable 2.5kVA/2.0 kW inverter modules and optional 2.4 kW rectifier modules. It includes the Cordex smart unified controller with an integrated Ethernet/SNMP that monitors and manages both inverter and rectifier modules through a web-based interface and a local LCD touch screen. RoseWater’s 3-Phase Hubs are designed to be installed in a climate-controlled environment with ambient temperatures between –20 degrees C to 40 degrees C.

The 3-phase Hubs include a 48 VDC to 120 VAC inverter as well as an AC-to-DC converter, allowing the Hub to continuously deliver fully conditioned power. When power is unavailable, the DC battery is converted to AC with zero transfer time. The intelligent DC bus decides when to draw power and how much power to draw. During brownout conditions, output power is supplemented by battery power.

Austere VII Surge Suppresor
Austere VII

Austere Surge Protectors

Austere has introduced a new line of full-featured, low-profile 4-outlet surge protectors. Designed to fit discreetly in the tightest of spaces, near furniture, or behind wall-mounted TVs, Austere’s new VII Series ($129.99), V Series ($99.99), and III Series ($79.99) sit flush with the wall for an elegant and unobtrusive appearance.

The new models feature durable, fireproof enclosures finished with a distinctive linear texture and Flameless MOV protection, which gives peace of mind that powerful surges will not result in a dangerous fire. Austere’s signature three blue LED lights ensure power, proper grounding, and surge protection.

Austere surge protection regulates the power coming from the outside powerline that guarantees devices will not burn out from a high-voltage spike that can be harmful to the equipment. Each unit features Austere’s OverCurrent protection preventing circuit overload which could cause devices to short-circuit or create dangerous temperatures that may lead to a fire.

OmniPort USB rapid charging ports are included for portable devices and gaming accessories. The V Series and VII Series include Power Delivery (PD) USB ports, the quickest, most efficient way to charge compatible devices.