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Tech Showcase: Spotlight on Power Products

Power management and control continues to evolve.

With more and more power products entering the market, there is a solution for nearly every situation. Here is a look at some of the recent additions to this product category.

Emerson SolaHD Power Product

Emerson 24 Vdc DIN-Rail Mounted UPS

Emerson’s 24 Vdc DIN-rail mounted Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) control module achieves a useful service life of 15 years and a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) in excess of 1.5 million hours. Available in 240W and 480W models, the SolaHD SDU DC-B control module helps improve availability of mission-critical devices, while simplifying commissioning, reducing maintenance, and driving down the Total Cost of Ownership across multiple industries, according to Emerson.

Leveraging microprocessor-based controls, the SolaHD SDU DC-B bridges power to machinery in the event of a brief disruption, as well as allows for safe shutdown of devices during a mains failure, therefore preventing data loss, work interruptions, or equipment damage. With an input voltage range of 22.1 Vdc to 28.6 Vdc, the SolaHD SDU DC-B also provides a consistent flow of clean power by filtering noise and isolating damaging transients.

As part of its reliable design, the SolaHD SDU DC-B features an exceptionally wide operating temperature of –15 degrees C to +50 degrees C (5 degrees F to 122 degrees F), along with intelligent battery and UPS health diagnostics. Self-test evaluation of operating states prevents device downtime by helping users proactively plan replacement of the battery module months in advance. Two LED diagnostics are integrated into the SolaHD SDU DC-B for visual indication of battery and DC UPS output status.

With its space-saving dimensions, the SolaHD SDU DC-B is approximately half the size and weight of the original SolaHD SDU DC and competitors’ models. As a result, the SolaHD SDU DC-B fits into standard control cabinets, eliminating the need to purchase a separate control box for a UPS. Being lightweight, the SolaHD SDU DC-B will not stress the weight capacity of a cabinet’s DIN Rail.

Crestron Power Controllers

Crestron Network Power Controllers

Dealers and homeowners alike have long been frustrated by the need for expensive truck rolls and time-consuming support calls to solve routine smart home device issues. From fixing a locked-up smart TV to performing a power cycle to get downed devices back up and running, these day-to-day troubleshooting tasks have historically taken too much time and effort to manage. The new Crestron Network Power Controllers provide self-healing features to diagnose, solve, and prevent power-related issues found in the system. The Crestron Home OS provides a new Device Health Dashboard — a remote power management platform that dealers and homeowners alike can use for alerts and to assess and fix devices from the Crestron Home app.

The Crestron Home Device Health Dashboard provides dealers a seamless solution to access all of their Crestron Home projects. With a collective view of the devices connected to the power controllers, status data makes it easy to spot and fix an issue. Directly from the Crestron Home app, a tap on the power cycle button troubleshoots the devices without ever rolling a truck, while homeowners are also given the control they need to resolve many simple issues themselves.

The Crestron Network Power Controllers have built-in monitoring and adjustable power cycle scheduling and sequencing to ensure connected devices are always operational and power up reliably every time. Crestron network power controllers also provide peace-of-mind with surge protection, power conditioning, adjustable over/under voltage cutoff, EMI and RFI noise filtering, and automatic wiring fault detection, as well as energy metering and advanced activity data logging. Monitoring and averting overheating is made simple when paired with the new remote temperature sensor.

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SurgeX Squid Power Conditioner

SurgeX Squid Power Management

The SurgeX Squid power management device provides boxed network control, AC and DC analytics, and front-end protection with patented Multi-Stage surge elimination, along with the remote analytics and monitoring features of the SurgeX enVision. The product delivers all this functionality in compliance with leading network security protocols, including 802.1x authentication and active directory.

As a proper, intelligent, and flexible power foundation, Squid offers SurgeX Axess ELITE capabilities such as sequencing, scheduling, auto-ping, IP Control, and monitoring. Squid features built-in diagnostic monitoring, like the SurgeX enVision, providing a single solution for management, mitigation, and control of the system’s power. Squid includes two 5V USB ports inputs for charging and network troubleshooting, eight outputs, four of which are traditional controlled and monitored IEC receptacles, and four are DC so integrators can eliminate the need for wall warts or a two-box solution.

Squid is available in three models: 12V (SX-DC-8-12), 24V (SX-DC-8-24), and a combined 12V and 24V (SX-DC-8-1224) model. Units are currently shipping globally with an MSRP of $599.

Snap One Wattbox Power Conditioner

Snap One WattBox 800 Series Power Conditioner

Snap One’s WattBox 800 Series 1U 8-Outlet IP power conditioner provides greater installation flexibility and control. With individually controlled and metered outlets, OvrC functionality, and an LED faceplate that displays crucial power and connectivity info, the 8-outlet model delivers many benefits for Snap One Partners.

The new 8-outlet 800 Series power conditioner provides Partners with immediate information thanks to the new LED faceplate on the front with indicators that denote internet connectivity, outlet-specific current, and proper grounding. Additionally, front-facing buttons allow local reset of individual or multiple outlets. These features, combined with the remote management capabilities of the OvrC platform, enable advanced troubleshooting whether integrators are onsite or remote.

Like all WattBox products, the 800 Series 1U 8-Outlet IP Power Conditioner is compatible with the industry’s most popular control systems, including Control4. An advanced Telnet API enables integration with any third-party control system, so Partners can program unique features or create custom solutions to monitor WattBox products across thousands of sites.

As an 800 Series model, this SKU (WB-800CH1U-IPVM-8) provides surge protection and power conditioning with Safe Voltage to protect connected products from unsafe conditions.

Torus Power AVR-Elite

Torus Power Intros AVR Elite Power Control

Torus Power’s calls its AVR Elite “the ultimate power control system for high-performance audio-video systems.” The AVR Elite isolates connected equipment from the electrical grid, ensuring clean power delivery to sensitive electronic components. High Current capability provides performance improvements that can be seen and heard in all AV systems. Advanced Automatic Voltage Regulation protects against voltage fluctuations, and Series Mode Surge Suppression protects expensive equipment from power line damage.

The AVR Elite features a 32-bit processor and the all-new Torus Power Connect power control system. Torus Power Connect is a cloud-based system for control, programming, data logging, and reporting that allows installers to remotely monitor and respond to user issues, and to control and reboot power zones. The Torus Power Connect app works with all mobile devices and tablets and features an Installer Dashboard for power control of single or multiple installations. Wi-Fi connectivity makes firmware updates and feature enhancements easy to install.