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Wireworld Debuts Radius 48 UHS Certified HDMI Cables

In addition to supporting all HDMI2.1 features and capabilities, Radius 48 is UL-CL2/FT4 rated for in-wall installation.

Wireworld Cable Technology has announced the release of the Radius 48 HDMI cables. These cables utilize Wireworld’s proprietary Composilex 3 insulation in a precision triple-shielded design to provide improved sound and image quality. Radius is UHS/48 Gbps certified by The HDMI Group, Llc., ensuring support of all HDMI2.1 capabilities, including 8K/120 Hz, Dynamic HDR, VRR, HDCP2.3, and Enhanced Audio Return Channel.

Wireworld HDMI 2.1 Cable

The Ultra High Speed standard of HDMI2.1 created the requirement for cables that support the extreme data rate of 48 Gigabits per second. While 48G speed is absolutely required to play next-generation 8K/120 Hz resolution content, cables that pass UHS certification also ensure the full functionality of all previous generations of HDMI audio and video connections. Certified 48G cables are also recommended for providing the best reliability in high-end 4K applications.

Beyond the requirements of UHS certification, there are additional technical issues that influence the sound and image quality of HDMI cables. The issue with the greatest effect on sound quality is triboelectric noise, which is generated within the cable by the interaction of conductors and insulation material. Now in its third generation, Wireworld’s Composilex insulation minimizes triboelectric noise so effectively that sound quality is substantially improved. The increased clarity and smoothness of sound with these cables is the result of intensive research, including direct comparisons of sound quality before and after the signal passed through the cable.

Radius 48 (RAH) is an improved and UHS certified version of the original triple-shielded, Composilex 3 insulated design. This cable looks and sounds better than the original, while the pricing remains the same. The cable structure features three layers of shielding for freedom from interference and is highly flexible for ease of installation and increased durability. With this refined structure and ultra-quiet Composilex 3 insulation, Radius provides enhanced performance and long-term value. In addition to supporting all HDMI2.1 features and capabilities, Radius 48 is also UL-CL2/FT4 rated for in-wall installation. Radius 48 is now available in lengths of 0.6m, 1m, 2m, and 3m. The 5m cables will be available at the end of October.

Retail Pricing: Radius 48 HDMI – $25/.6m, $30/1m, $40/2m, $50/3m, $85/5m

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