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Crestron Unveils Apple Watch App

The Apple Watch has begun shipping, and Crestron is proud to unveil its new Crestron app for the watch.

Delivery of Apple Watch began on Friday, and Crestron will soon unveil its new Crestron app for the watch. Precision control is always on hand when controlling your home from the Crestron app for Apple Watch, according to the company. Users can instantly access common commands and scenes on the watch for dynamic control straight out of your favorite spy movie.

With the Crestron app for Apple Watch, a user can turn on their home’s lights and adjust the AC remotely, or set the alarm and lower the shades. Even when their iPhone is out of reach or charging, the app on their watch is ready for action.

“We’re excited to bring home automation to wearable technology,” said Sean Goldstein, Crestron VP of marketing. “Our app delivers a new level of convenience so customers can monitor their home systems at a glance or control their home technology effortlessly using presets. We’ve made it even easier to always stay connected to your home.”

With the Crestron app, users can instantly access 10 custom controls they use most frequently. Two-way communication allows them to check what lights are on, the current temperature, or if the garage door is open.

The Crestron app for Apple Watch will be available soon for download from the Apple App Store.