Cyrus Audio Introduces Phono Signature

Phono Amplifier Accommodates Imperfect Vinyl Records
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Phono Signature by Cyrus Audio

A freshly pressed vinyl record will sound wonderful with few playback challenges. However records in a vintage collection often vary in mastering and pressing qualities and therefore benefit from subtle tweaks made to the phono stage settings that can brighten or calm an imperfect disc. The Phono Signature by Cyrus Audio allows this fine adjustment from both the front panel and from the listening position via the remote control. 

The phono amplifier allows real time adjustment of capacitance, resistance, gain and more, thereby providing precise tonal adjustment from the listening position. The inclusion of warp filter and Cyrus system volume adjustment completes a suite of remote control functionality that provides unequalled user involvement with vinyl. 

The RIAA passive de-emphasis filter uses high performance metallized polyester capacitors for better sonic performance.

Higher performance can be reached by connecting the optional external PSX-R2 power supply. This provides highly regulated DC power for the signal amplification.

Stereo level meters working in real time allow clear and accurate level adjustment between inputs.

Phono Signature comes with an MSRP of $2,300.