DarbeeVision Launches New Image Processor

DarbeeVision Releases Remixes the Darblet Into the DVP-5000s
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DarbeeVision has started shipping the DVP-5000S, a new image-processing platform for its DARBEE Visual Presence technology -- a consumer device aimed at the mass markets of consumer and video gaming. The DVP-5000S integrates real-time DARBEE Visual Presence video and image processing to enhance depth, clarity and realism.

The DVP-5000S is a sleek black reincarnation of the Darblet. The simple HDMI video hook-up design makes it simple to set up and simple to use. The video processing algorithms have been upgraded from the Darblet and are identical to DarbeeVision's flagship product, the DVP-5100CIE. The DVP-5000S ships with a remote control, another upgrade over the Darblet. With omni-directional IR capability, the DVP-5000S can be controlled by the remote control from any angle and even when mounted behind a TV. Like its predecessor the DVP-5000 Darblet, the DVP-5000S accepts any HDMI 1.4 video source.