Delta H Design Launches SR24 PLUS Acoustic Panel

Acoustic Panel Combines Strengths of Firm's Successful Products
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The SR24 acoustic panel by DHDI

Delta H Design (DHDI) has launched the SR24 Plus, the latest in its ZR Acoustics Hybrid family of products. The SR24 Plus combines the strengths of the ZR Micro and Sample Rate technologies into a very thin form factor with good acoustic resolution. With the success of the rectangular SR8 Plus, DHDI saw an obvious need for a square device of higher resolution and performance. Consequently, DHDI created the SR24 Plus by hybridizing the existing SR24 with ZR Micro technology. 

Ian Dittbrenner, executive producer with All Mobile Video commented, “It’s like an SR24 -Plus One! The SR24 Plus is the perfect size, weight, shape, fits anywhere, and it sounds fantastic. It simply makes my life sound better!” 

“We’re all very excited about the SR24 Plus, as it is two of our most popular products wrapped into one neat package," said president and founder of Delta H Design, Hanson Hsu. “The success of the SR8 Plus has created a demand to hybridize the SR24 as well. It’s ultra-slim compact form factor combined with quantum effectiveness and elegant aesthetics of the Micro and Sample Rate Technologies has many clients eagerly awaiting its arrival with preorders already in the queue. The SR24 Plus is an effective addition to our ZR products, which are an obvious choice for professionals interested in architecture, acoustics, or interior design.”

The SR24 Plus will be sold directly through DHDI, or through authorized dealers such as GC Pro and Lift AV, for approximately $475 USD. The official launch date for the SR24 Plus is April 15, 2016.