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dnp’s Supernova Epic CS Curved Screen

The dnp Supernova Epic CS incorporate a curved screen with optical front-projection screen technology. It is designed to support all video formats, including the ultra-wide Cinemascope 2.40:1.

dnp’s ISF-approved front-projection optical technology features high-contrast filters that enable the projected image to be optimally reflected from the screen, while effectively deflecting ambient light and absorbing overhead light. The result, according to the company, is an enhanced image that is two-times brighter, and provides up to seven times higher contrast ratio than conventional screens.

“The dnp Supernova Epic and Epic CS are the ultimate front projection screens for home theater applications,” senior U.S. executive, Manfred Freiberger, said. “The Epic CS combines all the attributes of the Supernova Epic but without the electronically controlled masking system. The perfectly curved screen enhances the perceived depth and uniformity of the image, resulting in the ultimate viewing experience — a movie theater in your home. The curvature of the screen also eliminates pincushion distortion caused by a combination of wide images and use of an anamorphic projector lens.”

The Supernova Epic CS is available in screen sizes from 96 inches to 156 inches, and offers accessories including a wall mount and an optional floor stand. The 96-inch screen has an MRSP of $8,248 (U.S.)

dnp Supernova offers a variety of screen options and sizes including the Supernova Infinity, which allows you to create a large-screen display of almost unlimited size, and the Supernova Panorama has a seamless width of up to 33 feet. Supernova One offers screen sizes of up to 120 inches, and the cost-effective Supernova Core offers screen sizes of up to 153 inches. The motorized Supernova Flex rolls up at the touch of a button into a ceiling or wall mount and is available in screens of up to 120 inches. The Supernova Mobile is ideal for situations where space is at a premium and where a permanent fixture is not desirable. For home theater applications the curved Epic and Epic CS provide the ultimate Cinemascope experience, and are available in sizes from 96 to 156 inches.