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D-Tools Introduces Mobile Quote 2.0 iPad App

D-Tools System Integrator (SI) Users Can Now Generate Project Scope and Budget in Real-time and Gain Customer Approval in an Initial Client Meeting

Mobile Quote 2.0, a native iPad companion app for the D-Tools System Integrator (SI) platform, is a redesigned version of the D-Tools app, offering a more intuitive, expedient, and visually appealing experience.

Mobile Quote 2.0 was designed to make it easy for industry salespeople to seamlessly generate a project scope and pricing estimate for client review and approval during the initial client meeting. The data collected is then instantaneously transferred into D-Tools SI for further design development and project management, eliminating the need to transfer handwritten notes into instructions for system designers just to have that same data re-entered into a D-Tools proposal.

“Simply stated, Mobile Quote 2.0 shortens the sales cycle, cuts the proposal creation time in half, reduces the likelihood of multiple proposal revisions, and eliminates the competition by having the client sign off on a scope and budget, and even pay a design retainer, in the very first client meeting,” said Randy Stearns, CEO of D-Tools. “Ultimately, the goal of Mobile Quote 2.0 is to drastically improve the sales success rate and production capacity of salespeople, while at the same time increasing the throughput for system designers.”

The flexibility of Mobile Quote 2.0 enables industry salespeople to be as general or specific as they desire. If the objective is to quickly capture what device types are required in which rooms and get a ballpark price, the iPad app can simply pull a price allowance from the list of items in the appropriate sub-category in the D-Tools product catalog based on a global or item-specific good/better/best selection.

If a more precise design and pricing is required, Mobile Quote 2.0 leverages project templates and packages from the D-Tools’ product catalog to complete an accurate system design and price, by room and by system, in minutes, according to the company. If details regarding item placement, product preferences, owner-furnished equipment, and the like are desired, the app enables the entry of room notes, system notes, item notes and even images snapped right from the iPad. Users can also make pricing and labor adjustments on the fly.

For system integrators that collect a design retainer, Mobile Quote 2.0 has a built-in design retainer calculator based on a percentage of the estimated contract total, a dollar amount per square foot, or a designated fixed amount. Not only that, the app requests client approval via e-signature and allows D-Tools customers to collect the design retainer, or even contract deposit, on the spot using their preferred mobile payments solution (i.e. Square). Collecting a design retainer up front instantly locks out the competition and, importantly, compensates system integrators for their design efforts during the sales process, a cost often borne by the system integrator as a sales expense.

Lastly, Mobile Quote 2.0 supports iOS gesture controls and input methodologies—swipe left to delete a room or system, drag to reorder items, and even take advantage of talk-to-text functionality to enter the scope of work or room notes.

Mobile Quote 2.0 is available for download via the Apple app store here and can be installed for free. However, every customer must purchase Mobile Quote 2.0 licenses to fully use Mobile Quote. Device licenses are priced at $25.00 per iPad device per month, and available exclusively via the SI 2017 application. For more information on purchasing Mobile Quote 2.0, please click here.

Click here for a brief video introduction to Mobile Quote 2.0, or for a more in-depth video demonstration, click here.

Additional information on the D-Tools SI platform can be obtained by signing up for a free personal tour by visiting or for a free 30-day trial, which can be downloaded by visiting