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Dynaudio Shows First All-In-One Wireless Multiroom Audio System

Dynaudio Music family of wireless music systems automatically adapts to users’ music preferences and listening environment

Dynaudio has announced the North American release of Dynaudio Music, an intelligent wireless all-in-one music system with multiroom capability that adapts both sound and music selection to the user’s tastes, home, and lifestyle. With its Music Now algorithm, the Dynaudio Music system automatically generates personalized playlists and makes them available at the touch of a button. Using intelligent digital signal processing (DSP), the Dynaudio Music systems sense speaker placement and noise within a room and optimizes performance.

Dynaudio Music intelligent wireless speakers are available in four models, each of which offers five presets that can be tied to any media accessible via the Dynaudio app: smart Music Now playlists (from multiple user profiles), internet radio stations, albums, artists, and more. The app can also access content from a user’s network or directly from Tidal.

Through the free Dynaudio app – available for iOS and Android devices – the Music Now algorithm learns the musical tastes of up to five users.

Built-in RoomAdapt technology senses speaker placement – in a corner, up against a rear wall or in an open space – and optimizes performance. Integrated NoiseAdapt technology allows the speaker to deliver music at the right volume and tone, even as the volume of conversation or other noise in the room changes.

All four speakers in the Dynaudio Music family are active, meaning each driver has a dedicated high-performance class-D amplifier specifically tuned to match it. In addition, all four models use Dynaudio’s proprietary MSP cone material — incorporated in every product including the range-topping Evidence series — in their woofers and midrange drivers. Their soft-dome tweeters likewise are based on Dynaudio’s high-end speakers.

The entire Dynaudio Music range is available now through authorized Dynaudio dealers in the USA and Canada.

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