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ELAC Expands Debut Series with Integrated Amplifier

ELAC has added an Integrated Amplifier to its Debut Series.

ELAC has added an Integrated Amplifier to its Debut Series.

“This integrated amplifier marks ELAC’s return to the integrated amplifier category,” said Chris Walker, vice president of product development. “This new integrated amplifier solves two of the biggest problems with two channel audio: proper blending of a subwoofer with your main speakers and room correction. Our advanced DSP and innovative smartphone application provide all the tools necessary for anyone to achieve a true audiophile system at an affordable price.”

At the heart of the DA101EQ is a BASH tracking amplifier delivering 100 Watts per channel into either 4 or 8Ohm speakers. The amplifier uses a modulated switched mode power supply joined to a conventional class AB amplifier. Switching at more than 400,000 times per second, the supply tracks the incoming audio signal to ensure that the Class AB amplifier gets only the voltage necessary to cope with dynamic movie and music content, in an attempt to maximize the efficiency and potential of the amplifier.

Capable of interfacing with a wide variety of audio sources, the DA101EQ incorporates seven audio inputs, including analog, digital, asynchronous USB, and Bluetooth.

ELAC saw some of its biggest challenges of correctly setting up a two channel audio system to be properly integrating a subwoofer and room correction/treatment.

“One of the main goals with this product was to solve these two issues without requiring expensive equipment or a degree in Physics” said Andrew Jones, vice president of engineering. Taking advantage of the onboard DSP technology, the amp uses the microphone already built into the user’s smartphone (via ELAC’s free app for Android and IOS) to measure the nearfield and listening position performance of the subwoofer. It then equalizes the room performance to match the nearfield, thereby correcting for the room. In addition, by taking a measurement of the main speakers, the DSP can automatically optimize the blending of subwoofer to main speakers, eliminating the biggest problem facing the user. The result is an optimal blend of subwoofer to main speakers and an audio system that is tailored to that specific environment.

Shipped with an IR remote, ELAC’s free smartphone app also adds a few convenience features such as input renaming, volume, transport controls for compatible asynchronous USB sources, and a device health monitoring screen showing key information about the amplifier and the AC power quality. 

For private listening, a front mounted 1⁄4” headphone jack is provided.The DA101EQ Debut Series integrated amplifier will be available in Q2 of 2016 for about $600. Full product details and specifications available at ELAC’s homepage.