Electrix Jukebox Launches Family-Friendly Music Streamer: Roxi

Offers Family Friendly Alternative to Spotify, Amazon, Apple and Sonos Style Music Streaming
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Electric Jukebox has launched a new product called ROXI, a family-friendly music solution. 

Electric Jukebox is launching ROXI in response to what it perceives as a growing need for families to have more quality family time together, due to their rising use of personal devices and headphones.

Purportedly, Electric Jukebox’s mission is to counter this trend by helping families live better lives together through high-quality shared music entertainment product, content and experiences.

ROXI also comes with several music-based games including Sing with the Stars, a karaoke singalong and a music trivia game called Name that Tune. It also features playlists from the Electric Jukebox Curation Team, which includes celebrity curators Sheryl Crow, Robbie Williams, Alicia Dixon, and Stephen Fry. 

For those families looking for something more tranquil, ROXI by Electric Jukebox has Sound Machine, which includes yoga and meditation melodies, therapeutic sounds such as rain and the ever-popular white noise to help a baby sleep. 

ROXI is on sale from electricjukebox.com and major online and Main Street retailers from August 18 at SRP $199.