Elite Screens Launches PolarMax Tab-Tension ALR Screen

Company’s Latest Electric Projection Screen Available Up To 135 Inches
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Elite Prime Vision, the dedicated CI division of Elite Screens, launched the PolarMax Tab-Tension, its latest electric projection screen design.

The growing demand for ALR (ambient light rejecting) projection screens signifies the increased popularity of replacing residential flat panel TVs with a larger than life projection display. When coupled with a 4K or HD-quality projector, the PolarMax Tension creates an exponentially larger image than a 100-inch TV at a fraction of the cost. Because it is a retractable design, it brings added versatility to any living space or media room. The screen retracts when not in use to free the wall space for other purposes.

The PolarMax Tension Series features EPV’s PolarMax 1.3 gain material. It is ISF certified for accurate color fidelity while maintaining superior contrast enhancement, color saturation, and brightness retention. In addition to negating the washout effects of ambient light, the material is 4K/8K Ultra HD, Active 3D, and HDR ready. It is also tab-tension-reinforced for optimal screen flatness.

The design is housed in a stylish aluminum casing with sleek lines to complement interior decor. Its sliding installation brackets mount quickly and snap the PolarMax into place. Because the brackets slide horizontally, the screen can be easily centered every time.

It has a standard power connection and also features RS-232 ports. Its control features include an in-line up/stop/down toggle switch on the endcap for easy operation. A full IR/RF control kit also accompanies the screen. This includes remotes, extended IR “eye” for hidden installations, and a 12-volt trigger that synchronizes screen operation with the projector's power cycle.

The PolarMax Tension is part of the Elite Prime Vision (EPV) line of protected, CI/pro AV-exclusive projection screens. Each comes with a full three-year warranty and is presently available in 92- to 135-inch diagonal sizes in a 16:9 aspect ratio.