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Elite Screens’ Osprey Dual-Mode Tandem Projection Screen

Cerritos, CA — Elite Screens Inc. has launched its new Osprey dual-format 2.35:1 / 16:9 tandem projection screen for projectors with dual-mode anamorphic stretch capabilities.

“The latest projection industry technologies are now producing anamorphic lenses or lens memory options that allow projectors to put out either a 16:9 HDTV or 2.35:1 Cinemascope image,” said Elite Screens marketing manager David Rodgers. “Elite’s Osprey dual-format projection screen is the perfect solution to producing both aspect ratios in one versatile product.”

The Osprey Dual Motorized Home Cinema Projection screen features a dual-screen format running a native 2.35:1 and a 16:9 screen in tandem with the push of a button while maintaining a centered image coordinated to the projector’s lens memory. It utilizes our MaxWhite FG fiberglass-backed front projection material that resists the curling effect caused by temperature variations in the multiple layers of other non-tensioned projection surfaces.

As is customary with Elite’s electric screens, a full control package is included with internal IR and RF receivers, IR and RF remotes, and an RJ45 port for 5-12 volt triggers and external wall boxes. Elite Screens includes these standard accessories and features at no extra charge.

Starting at $1,999 MSRP, Ospreys are currently available in three sizes: 103 inches (2.35:1) / 82 inches (16:9); 115 inches (2.35:1) / 92 inches (16:9); and 123 inches (2.35:1) / 98 inches (16:9). Custom sizes are also available upon request. Each screen comes with a two-year limited parts and labor warranty through Elite Screens, with a three-year warranty program for government, educational, and house of worship purchases.

For more information, call 877.511.1211 or visit