Episode Redesigns Architectural Speaker Line

New Speaker Line for Custom AV Installers
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Episode has redesigned its architectural speaker line for custom AV installers, increasing the size of the forward-set drivers and overall speaker diameter to achieve increased bass performance, dispersion, and efficiency. 

“Episode is making a very concerted effort to drive improved build quality and sound performance across all our lines of speakers,” said Mike Jordan, Episode general manager. “This new line was engineered with every detail in mind.” 

In addition to the premium 1300, 1500, and 1700 series speakers in the Signature line launched earlier this year, Episode now offers a 150, 350, and 550 series designed to offer excellent audio quality and dependability in everyday speakers. 

Engineers focused on four major design principles and applied them to the new lines of speakers: uniform sound energy; linearity; resonance free; and dynamic transient response. 

“We improved the speaker materials, crossovers, and overall acoustics to provide highly efficient performance with a clean, dynamic, and responsive sound that translates into a fantastic listening experience,” said Alex Zaliauskas, director of product development at Episode. 

Episode 150, 350, and 550 series speakers feature polypropylene cone woofers that are capable of a range of mid to low frequencies. The ½-inch to ¾-inch teteron and mylar tweeters provide increased sound clarity at high volumes, while the pivoting tweeter function on the 350 and 550 series allows for the ability to tailor the sound to the room. 

Changes were also made to enhance the aesthetic appeal of these speakers, including amagnetic, paintable grille.

“The new paintable grilles contain a simple clip-on magnetic design for sleek, streamlined installation,” said Jordan. “Multiple thin-bezel and bezel-less design options give integrators a speaker they can use in any home.” 

Episode architectural speakers include in-wall, in-ceiling, dual voice coil, surround, and all-weather models.