EPV’s Peregrine eFinity Sports New Edge-Free Frame

Screen Still Sports ISF Certified, ChromaWhite Material
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The Peregrine eFinity, now with EDGE-FREE frame design, from Elite Prime Vision

Elite Prime Vision (EPV), the dedicated Custom Install division of Elite Screens, is adding EDGE-FREE frame design to its Peregrine eFinity projection to complement its ISF-certified white projection material.

“It goes without saying that accurate color balance is critical for the very best home theater installations and an ISF certified screen is an essential component in that...” said Jeff Klida, VP of Sales for Elite Prime Vision. “In addition to superb visual performance, the Peregrine eFinity comes in EPV’s resoundingly popular EDGE-FREE design.” 

The Peregrine eFinity Series by EPV Screens is the latest incarnation of the white-material home theater screens. It features an internal framework with wraparound material, a design that Elite Prime Vision has dubbed EDGE FREE. Its name comes from the absence of an external framework or “edge” as seen in traditional designs. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, the eFinity’s EDGE FREE configuration maximizes the viewing area in a smaller space footprint without compromising the screen’s structural integrity. It includes a micro-thin 5.1-millimeter black bezel and a LED backlighting kit with infrared remote control.

EPV's Peregrine eFinity provides reference quality images using EPV’s ChromaWhite front projection material. The material has a 1.25 gain reflectivity and a very wide viewing angle with full lambertian diffusion. This 1.25 gain material is ISF Certified to provide top-tier performance in the creation of accurate color rendition. It also has a wide viewing angle that uniformly reflects a bright image across entire surface for off-axis performance with Active 3D, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR ready content.