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Fibaro Smart Home Hub Now Available

Fibaro is now shipping its newest premium smart home hub, Home Center Lite, and portable KeyFob device in the U.S.

Fibaro is now shipping its newest premium smart home hub, Home Center Lite, and portable KeyFob device in the U.S. A compact brain for smart home systems, Home Center Lite works with all Z-Wave technology smart home products and Fibaro devices such as the SWIPE gesture pad and Button quick controller, and pairs with KeyFob, a wireless ergonomic hand-controlled device. 

Home Center Lite allows users to create, customize and manage up to 230 devices connected to the ecosystem, including lights, thermostat, entertainment systems, home security devices, and more. Home Center Lite also works with other popular technologies like Sonos, Logitech, Russound, and Philips. Amazon Echo integration will be available in Q2.

KeyFob is designed to be attached to key chains and acts as a handheld control device when users are leaving or coming home. When within working range of a Z-Wave smart home network, users can utilize KeyFob to turn devices on or off or trigger programmed scenes such as “goodbye” to set the house into away mode. 

A Z-Wave Plus-certified device, the KeyFob features a 50 percent increase in network range for faster operation of all connected devices. It works with other Z-Wave hubs or connected to other IoT devices in the home ecosystem through an expansive plugin library, and features six distinct buttons that can be customized to control nearly any device in the network or a scene of devices.

Home Center Lite features the new and improved Fibaro app with easy walkthrough for users to set up scenes and include devices. Customized scenes can include waking up to the blinds opening, or having the lights turn on at a specified level when a motion sensor detects movement at night. Furthering ease of use, Home Center Lite introduces interactive push notifications, which allow quick actions within the notification to the alerts a user has set up. The Fibaro app allows for remote control of the system from anywhere, and the desktop app allows for even deeper programming and integration for hobbyists.

Home Center Lite uses geo-localization, which can be fine-tuned in an advanced scheduler allowing individual users to turn off devices not in use, arm the alarm when a user leaves the house, adjust the temperature or simulate a user’s presence to discourage break-ins when it recognizes that a user has left the house or office. Home Center Lite also helps to prevent disasters by instantly reporting fire, flood, or break-ins via the Fibaro app. 

Home Center Lite is equipped with a robust Cortex A8 processor (720MHz), with local processing for extra data security. And with software on board (vs. in the cloud), Home Center Lite doesn’t rely on an internet connection to operate effectively. Home Center Lite also features a built-in energy management dashboard, available from Fibaro for iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets, as well as a desktop version. The energy management dashboard allows users to monitor historical data, such as power consumption, in easy-to-read charts. Having access to this data enables users to keep track of the devices consuming the most energy and make adjustments where necessary, in order to maximize efficiency and reduce monthly electricity bills. 

Home Center Lite and KeyFob are now available in the U.S. with MSRPs of $279.99 and $49.99, respectively, from