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Fibaro Unveils Apple HomeKit-Enabled Flood, Motion, and Door/Window Sensors

FIBARO is launching a new product line compatible with Apple HomeKit: Fibaro Flood Sensor, Fibaro Motion Sensor and Fibaro Door/Window Sensor, all equipped with Bluetooth LE inside.

FIBARO is launching a new product line compatible with Apple HomeKit: Fibaro Flood Sensor, Fibaro Motion Sensor and Fibaro Door/Window Sensor, all equipped with Bluetooth LE inside. Fibaro is also launching a new app for the devices to deliver ease-of-use, remote-access and extended product functionality. All three devices also integrate with and can be controlled via the Apple Home app in iOSX. 

“Expanding our product line to include support for Apple HomeKit was a natural choice for Fibaro,” said Rich Bira, managing director of Fibaro in the U.S. “The HomeKit platform offers a simple and secure solution for expanding the many benefits of smart home to a new category of consumers that up to this point, may not have had the means or knowledge to participate. Working with companies like Apple to expand the mainstream consumer smart home market is very exciting for us.”

The Fibaro Flood Sensor is the first water sensing and leak detection device in the Apple HomeKit ecosystem. The Flood Sensor is equipped with gold telescopic probes that detect water and allow the device to function on uneven surfaces. Featuring an LED indicator along with an acoustic alarm signal to alert users of flooding or tampering, the wireless device can also trigger a smart home scene and notify a user of a problem through the Fibaro app or Apple’s Home app. The Flood Sensor also acts as a temperature sensor, making it well-suited for areas like a garage or basement. In cold weather, users can ask Siri to check the temperature in an unheated area where a Flood Sensor is placed and stay ahead of burst pipes and potential problems.

A CES Innovations honoree and an international design award winner, the Fibaro Motion Sensor is actually a multi-sensor, measuring movement, ambient temperature, and light intensity. It is battery powered and runs on Bluetooth LE wireless technology, and features an eye-shaped LED indicator that changes colors to signal motion, temperature level, tampering and light. The mount allows users to place the sensor anywhere in the home, even affixed to a wall, ceiling, or other surface. The Motion Sensor comes equipped with tamper protection through a built-in accelerometer. Any unauthorized attempt to relocate or change the sensor’s view angle can trigger an alarm.

The Door/Window Sensor is a dual contact and temperature sensor that can be placed on any door or window and comes in seven colors to match décor. Using Bluetooth LE, the battery operated device can be easily installed with provided double adhesive backing and has a low profile. When part of the HomeKit ecosystem, the Door/Window Sensor can play an integral role in the safety, security and convenience of a home.

Uniting all of these sensors, the Fibaro app is a native mobile application designed for Apple HomeKit. The app is designed with user friendly software to make it easy to set up and configure devices with a secure authentication process. Fibaro’s HomeKit devices can be controlled with voice using Siri directly from an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch. With an Apple TV, the app also allows for remote access and management outside the smart home. The Fibaro app gives users extended functionality including device status checks.

The Fibaro HomeKit line will ship to the U.S. and any country where HomeKit is enabled over time. U.S. retail pricing for the Fibaro Flood Sensor and Motion Sensor is $69.99/ea, and Door/Window Sensor is $59.99/ea. All three products are expected to be available to consumers in the U.S. by the end of 2016.