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Fluke Networks’ CableIQ Residential Qualifier

Fluke Networks is now shipping its new CableIQ Residential Qualifier.

Everette, WA–Fluke Networks is now shipping its new CableIQ Residential Qualifier, a cable qualification tester designed specifically to meet the needs of residential installers and systems integrators.

CableIQ Residential Qualifier provides installers an economical way to document that systems are defect-free and compliant with the residential TIA-570B standard for quality.

Its qualification test will confirm that any cabling installation will support voice, VoIP 10/100/1000 Ethernet, and CATV. Qualification testing with CableIQ allows installers to reduce callbacks, eliminate workmanship disputes, and foster a high-quality, reliable reputation.

“When we test and document the cable, we know that any return for service will be a billable callback,” said Richard Johnson, installation manager, The Greater Alarm Co. “With each non-billable callback that we can avoid, we save an average of $200, savings that go straight to our bottom line.”

In addition to reducing callbacks, CableIQ delivers value to the bottom line by replacing the need for multiple tools. It allows installers of all levels to test, document, and ID-tag all the most common residential cabling media, including data, phone, VoIP, CATV, security, and audio cabling. Features like data cable bandwidth testing, CATV coax qualification and signal strength testing, voice cable wiremapping and ID-tagging through bridge-taps, security wire continuity toning, and speaker installation testing all work to increase installer productivity, and eliminate callbacks for troubleshooting.

“CableIQ Residential Qualifier is the first tester to address the emerging needs of residential installers to document cabling installations. At about $1100, it provides residential installers an economical solution to prove that cabling installations are defect free, and prevent callbacks to the job. Installers can quickly recover their investment in just about five avoided callbacks,” says Adam Welch, verification tools marketing manager, Fluke Networks.

CableIQ also offers powerful troubleshooting features that help installers quickly pinpoint and resolve problems. Intelligent wiremap graphically maps the cable’s wiring configuration and shows the distance to opens and shorts to isolate faults. In addition, CableIQ features “multi-map,” which offers a breakthrough way to isolate faults on an entire bridged voice cabling system, all from the main unit. CableIQ’s IntelliTone digital signaling technology is designed to precisely locate cables on both passive and active networks. The tester generates both digital and analog tones for use with Fluke Networks’ IntelliTone Probe.

Qualification is a new category of testers designed specifically for residential installers. Qualification testers, like CableIQ Residential Qualifier, qualify cabling systems to support network speeds and applications desired by home owners, as specified in the residential TIA-570B standard. This differs from certification testers, like Fluke Networks’ DTX CableAnalyzer, which guarantees cabling installations comply with TIA-568B commercial-level performance standards (e.g. Cat-5e/6/other), and analyzes performance parameters like NEXT, RL, ELFEXT, etc

The CableIQ Residential Qualifier is available for immediate delivery from Fluke Networks’ sales partners worldwide.

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