Futurist Keynote Foretells The Virtual World

By the Early 2020s, We Will Have Screens Everywhere
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Michael Rogers

By the early 2020s, we will have screens everywhere, ambient telepresence, meaning technology that makes you feel like you are in the same room with someone in the other end of the call, and a new role for virtual reality solutions. 

These were some of the more fascinating predictions futurist Michael Rogers made during his keynote address kicking of CEDIA EXPO. 

With his eye fixed on the younger generations, Rogers discussed what he predicts the future will involve for residential technology applications. With the Internet of Things providing a seamless connection between devices, Rogers said that as we move into the next decade, integrators need to consider how to adapt to this virtual environment. Convenience will be key, he said, as more people are using mobile devices to control and stream content, however integrators need to find a way to maintain quality within their services.

Rogers also touched on the subject of ‘luxury software,’ a term he created to describe the custom software solutions the industry will need to provide for the home.

“To some extent, luxury will be truly handmade software,” he said. “It’s also going to be centered on privacy and security. In the future, privacy will cost money, and we need to think about what the customer is interested in—luxury software will include digital security solutions.”

Integrators will also need to keep a close eye on manufacturer partners’ R&D services in the future, Rogers said. While R&D is a component in many companies, this department will be key as we move into the next decade, since technology and demands will evolve much faster than before. Younger generations will define the future, Rogers said, so it’s up to today’s designers to figure out ways to solve today’s needs and to look into the future. They need to design installations that will allow the technologies to evolve properly as future technologies advance. “That future will happen quicker than we expect,” he said.