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Getting Stuck On Green Glue

How The Eco-Friendly Compound Can Improve Acoustics In Your Next Job

Green Glue is a noiseproofing solution intended for use in the construction and renovation of single- and multi-family homes, commercial properties and hotels, home theaters, and other entertainment spaces. The eco-friendly viscoelastic compound is designed for use between layers of standard drywall to ensure soundproofing at a competitive price. The company’s technical innovation manager, Brian Ravnaas, took a moment to answer questions we had about this product and how it might benefit an electronic systems contracting firm and its clients.

”While the roots of our business are in home theaters, the products are used throughout the construction industry for renovations and rebuilds.” —Brian Ravnaas, Technical Innovation Manager, Green Glue

What sort of training is required to use your product most effectively?
The Green Glue products are very fast and easy to apply. No special skills or training is required. If a DIYer or contractor can hang drywall, then they can install a Green Glue noiseproofing system. Due to the thin consistency of the product, the user can easily dispense a tube of Green Glue in 15 seconds. Also, the product will not flow off a board when installing, and no specific coverage pattern is needed to ensure excellent results. The virtues of the products make soundproofing with a Green Glue system one of the most cost-effective and user-friendly home improvements available.

Why is it “Green” Glue? Were you green before green was cool?
The product got its name from its color, but it does meet the environmental meaning of green as well. No hazardous compounds are used in the manufacturing of Green Glue, it is LEED building certified, has almost zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and our tubes are made from 100-percent recycled material. The product has been green since it was first produced and is cool not only because it is green but because it works. We have conducted hundreds of tests on Green Glue to ensure that it achieves an optimal level of noiseproofing.

Since the product was launched, what market has been most successful for you?
Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound is perfect for home-renovation or newconstruction projects. It can be used to soundproof any floor, wall, or ceiling. While the roots of our business are in home theaters, where we continue to see strong demand in part due to high-definition displays and high-quality sound systems coming down in price, the products are used throughout the construction industry for renovations and rebuilds. Our reputation for effectively reducing low-frequency noise has encouraged architects to spec the use of Green Glue into a number of projects. We have seen significant growth in the hospitality industry, where a quiet and peaceful environment is critical to a pleasant hotel experience. The urban, multi-family dwellings are yet another area of growth for us. People enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, but don’t want noise to infiltrate their home environment. We’ve also seen an increase in DIY business, because many homeowners are looking for ways to economically add value to their homes and improve quality of life during this economic downturn. For a relatively low level of skill, minimal financial investment and time, a typical DIYer can add a premium feature to their home. That’s the kind of equation people are looking for today.

In a nutshell, what’s the best way to apply Green Glue in a residential project?

Green Glue is applied between two layers of drywall directly from convenient, 29-ounce disposable tubes. A standard caulking gun can be used to apply Green Glue in a random pattern across any rigid building material, such as drywall, cement board, OSB or plywood. No measuring or trowling is required. A layer of material with Green Glue applied is then pressed against the second layer. It is usually more convenient to apply Green Glue at floor level and then raise the panel, press it against the wall and screw it into place. We also recommend using our Green Glue Noiseproofing Clips, which can be fixed to the wall studs and decouple the drywall layer. This decoupling further reduces wall vibrations and works with the sound wave dampening effects of Green Glue. The combination eliminates 95 percent of sound, including low-frequency noise, which can be some of the most pervasive and disruptive sounds in a home or commercial environment. One case of Green Glue (about 12 tubes) can typically cover 192 square feet; a typical room requires three to five cases of Green Glue to be completely noiseproofed.