GIK Acoustics Expands Alpha Wood Series

More Options, Sizes, And Uses
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GIK Acoustics is expanding its Alpha Wood Series to include larger panels as well as corner bass traps.

GIK first introduced the Alpha Wood Series last fall with the launch of the 4A Alpha Panel. Last month at the NAMM Show it displayed the Corner CT Alpha Bass Trap, the large 2A Alpha Panel with freestanding supports, and the 6A Alpha Panel.

“When we launched the Alpha Wood Series last fall, we knew there would be more products added to the line and the day has come,” said Glen Kuras, company founder and president. “I am thrilled to bring these items to our customers. The Alpha Series is truly a game changer for GIK and for the industry.”

The Corner CT Alpha Bass Trap is designed to absorb low- frequencies that build up in corners while diffusing the upper- frequencies. At 47.75" tall, the Corner CT Alpha Bass Trap is freestanding and designed to be stacked for floor-to-ceiling coverage.